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Image of Mablung
Title Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Eastern Gondor
Area Osgiliath
Settlement Osgiliath
Interior Osgiliath Culverts
Location Osgiliath Culverts
Map Ref [62.7S, 8.8W]


Mablung is a Ranger of Ithilien and a lieutenant of Faramir, the Captain of Gondor. He can be encountered within the culverts of the ruined city of Osgiliath.
He also appears, after the Battle of Pelennor Fields in Henneth Annûn [48.1S, 8.0W]

Quest Involvement

Quest Involvement Henneth Annûn

  1. [105] Strange Company
  2. [105] The Last Refuge
  3. [105] Mastering the Wilds
  4. [105] Shadows of Ithilien
  5. [105] Strangling Webs
  6. [105] Quest: Retaking Torngroth -- repeatable daily


"'Our captain, Faramir, is lost. All of our number became separated after he dealt a great blow to the Enemy's forces, and we only realized our loss after we regrouped here in the culverts. If Faramir made it beyond the western gates, he may yet live, but that is unknown to us all..."