The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur

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The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, once known as The Cursed Rider, is one of the Nine Nazgûl, recipient of Orôm (Warmonger), one of the nine Rings of Power that were forged for Men. He was an Easterling King, but his name is lost in time, and he is now known by the most common of his many nicknames.

He is encountered several times.

The Cursed Rider

The Cursed Rider
Image of The Cursed Rider
Role scenery
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 110
Morale 9,810,854
Power 141,429
Region The Wastes
Area Morannon (War of the Last Alliance)
Map Ref [62.6N, 4.2W]

The Cursed Rider, as he was known before becoming lord of Dol Guldur, is first encountered by High Elf characters in the year 3434 fighting against the host of the Last Alliance during the siege on the battle plain at Dagorlad at the end of the Second Age.

Quest Involvement

The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur

The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur
The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur.jpg
Level: 68
Instance: Barad Guldur

Type: Arch-nemesis
Genus: Unseen
Species: Wraith

Morale: 2,273,636
Power: 137,219
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: Unknown
Stun/Mez Imm.: Unknown
Root Immune: Unknown
Cry: Unknown
Song: Unknown
Tactical: Unknown
Physical: Unknown
Common: Unknown AncientDwarf: Unknown
Fire: Unknown Beleriand: Unknown
Light: Unknown Westernesse: Unknown
Shadow: Unknown Frost: Unknown
Lightning: Unknown

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  

The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur is the final boss of the 12-man raid Barad Guldur in Mirkwood. He is briefly seen earlier in the quest instance [63] Instance: The Exchange.


Fight Progression

The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur places debuffs on random players with a yellow eye icon. Players with this debuff may be bitten by the Lieutenant's fell beast, which heals the beast for 10k morale. He periodically buoys up and creates acid hotspots which deal shadow damage and cause players to flee in fear. He possesses the aura Ancient Dread, which reduces all players' power regeneration rates by 90%, so Lore-masters with efficient power-sharing are particularly crucial.

Once he is down to 150k morale, the Lieutenant dismounts and becomes a separate mob alongside his fell beast. The beast will still be at 150k morale, while the Lieutenant will be at full morale. If the raid wishes to complete the Challenge objective, they must defeat the Lieutenant before they defeat his fell beast.

Every time someone dies, the Lieutenant is buffed and summons an add with 50k (49,894) morale.


One of the following 3 corruptions will be active on the Lieutenant at all times:

  1. Choking Shadows-icon.pngChoking Shadows corruption
    • Skull (blue)-icon.pngSlowing Shadows debuff
    • -10-100% incoming healing
    • +10-100% attack duration
    • -10-100% ranged damage
  2. Oppressive Shadows-icon.pngOppressive Shadows corruption
    • Skull (red)-icon.pngDraining Shadows debuff
    • -10-100% run speed
    • -10-100% melee damage
    • Heavy Shadow damage over time.
  3. Shadow 2-icon.pngShadowy Abyss corruption
    • Skull (yellow)-icon.pngCorrupting Shadows debuff
    • +10-100% power cost
    • +10-100% all skill inductions
    • -10-100% tactical damage

These debuffs start at 10% and gradually tier up while their respective corruption is active. Removing a corruption cycles to the next corruption and debuff. The old debuff will remain active until its timer counts down, so the group needs to carefully control its corruption removal skills or they will cycle too quickly, potentially resulting in multiple high-tier debuffs at once. To avoid this, the group should allow debuffs to tier up a few times and give the others a chance to wear off before removing each corruption, but not let them get so high that they become unmanageable. The tank can handle this role well with Sting or Reversal.

If you are doing challenge and Morskor is still alive, Red is especially dangerous and should be removed immediately, since even with coffee it will quickly become impossible to outrun the fell beast. Designate a single person to watch the debuffs and call out who should remove a corruption and when. Have backups ready (preferably with ranged corruption removal) in case someone has an eye/is feared.

Quest Involvement


"You have ventured far and fought hard to face your doom, puny mortals! Come then and learn the true meaning of despair.'

"Flee in terror puny mortals."

"I may be bested, but I am not beaten! Fear the shadows mortals, for it is there that I will be waiting to exact my revenge!"

"Very well then mortals, my pet has toyed with you long enough..."

"The time of Elves and Men is at an end... face the truth and embrace despair!"

"I sense a seed of doubt in your heart!"

Level 85 Loot

Gear (Dol Guldur shared)
Hooded Cloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngCloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Boots 9 (epic)-icon.pngShield 1 (epic)-icon.pngHeavy Boots 12 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Boots 2 (epic)-icon.pngLight Shoes 1 (epic)-icon.pngWarden's Shield 14 (epic)-icon.pngPocket 10 (epic)-icon.png

Earring 25 (incomparable)-icon.pngEarring 38 (incomparable)-icon.pngMedium Boots 3 (incomparable)-icon.pngLight Shoulders 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngMedium Shoulders 3 (incomparable)-icon.pngHeavy Boots 44 (incomparable)-icon.pngRing 64 (incomparable)-icon.png

Tier 2 Challenge
Symbol of Celebrimbor-icon.png
Riddermark Crystal of Remembrance-icon.pngStar-lit Crystal-icon.pngStat Tome-icon.pngRelic Removal Scroll-icon.pngFused Profound Relics-icon.pngFused Aged Relics-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 13 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 12 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 13 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 1-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.png

Old Non-scaled Drops

On normal mode, the Dark Emblem of Resolve drops here. On Challenge mode, the Dark Emblem of Heart drops in addition to the Dark Emblem of Resolve. Bracelet 19 (incomparable)-icon.pngDark Emblem of Heart-icon.pngDark Emblem of Resolve-icon.pngBracelet 66 (incomparable)-icon.pngNecklace 41 (incomparable)-icon.pngNecklace 101 (incomparable)-icon.pngRing 98 (incomparable)-icon.pngBracelet 65 (incomparable)-icon.pngBracelet 32 (incomparable)-icon.pngLight Hat 2 (incomparable)-icon.pngFaceted Aquamarine-icon.pngOne-handed Axe 3 (rare)-icon.pngSpear 1 (rare)-icon.pngWarden's Shield 4 (rare)-icon.pngPocket 16 (rare)-icon.pngTinderbox-icon.png


The beast all alone. Final blow, challenge completed.


In the Second Age of Middle-earth, the Dark Lord Sauron took a fair disguise and taught the Elves of Eregion the Art of Ringsmithy. After they had forged many Rings of Power, he forged for himself the One Ring, the master Ring to rule all the others. He razed Eregion and stole the Great Rings, and delivered some into the hands of evil Men, easily corrupted.

One of these Men was a great chieftain of the Easterlings. Known as "Khamul the Black Easterling" this king was a great tactician and conquered many of his neighbors. After receiving the Ring of Power from Sauron, he also became a sorcerer, second only in power to the Witch-king of Angmar. As the power of the Ring consumed him, he became one of the Nazgûl, the Nine Captains of the Dark Lord, and the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, steward of Sauron’s fortress in Southern Mirkwood. Finaly, he dies in Battle of the Black Gates after Sauron was destroyed. In eruption of Orudruin, he and all of other Nazguls disappear and fade in the fires of the Mount Doom.