Ivar the Blood-hand

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This page is about the level 32 mob in Garth Agarwen. For the level 68+ mob in Ost Dunhoth, see Ivar
Ivar the Blood-hand
Ivar the Blood-hand.jpg
Level: 32
Instance: Garth Agarwen: Barrows

Type: Elite Master
Genus: Ancient Evil
Species: Gaunt Man

Morale: 19,238
Power: 2,530
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Feeble
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: True
Root Immune: True
Cry: Fair
Song: Fair
Tactical: Superior
Physical: Fair
Common: Remarkable AncientDwarf: Remarkable
Fire: Remarkable Beleriand: Superior
Light: Remarkable Westernesse: Superior
Shadow: Remarkable Frost: Remarkable
Lightning: Remarkable

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( 32 )  


The Trophy: Ivar's Banner

Ivar the Bloodhand is a boss found at Ivar's Crypt within the 3-man Garth Agarwen: Barrows instance in the Lone-lands. [28.8S, 24.4W]

In addition, he also takes an integral role in the final events of the introduction quests for dwarf and elf characters within Skorgrím's Tomb, where he is the one to resurrect the evil Dwarf-lord Skorgrím Dourhand.

Quest Involvement

Tactics Overview

He will summon ranged adds during the fight. If you can get a high level tank to do this GA with you, it will be over quickly. A captain is recommended due to their healing abilities. This is challenging when all members of the fellowship are on-level. The largest problems are that he summons archer adds during the fight which will virtually always aggro on the healer and that he has a power-draining disease effect. Power management and aggro management are key to this fight for on-level characters.


Ivar's Banner (Barter)-icon.pngWell-kept Mathom-icon.png Medium Helm 1 (rare)-icon.pngStaff 1 (rare)-icon.pngFrost Rune-stone 8 (rare)-icon.pngEarring 2 (rare)-icon.pngMedium Gloves 11 (rare)-icon.pngMedium Gloves 9 (uncommon)-icon.pngBracelet 2 (uncommon 2)-icon.png


"A new wretch come to fill our ranks, my maiden. And by the smell of living flesh, your servant will be tested quickly."
"By the Eye and the Iron Crown, I call you forth to command this host and rise again in unending service to Angmar and her enemies."