Icereave Mines

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Icereave Mines
Type: Mines
Region: Forochel
Area: Länsi-mâ
Location: [8.9N, 81.9W]
Icereave Mines.jpg


Icereave Mines Exterior
Foreman's Quarters - open during a quest

Icereave Mines is a landmark and public dungeon within Länsi-mâ in Forochel. [8.9N, 81.9W]

These ancient mines are located just across the stone bridge south-west of Zigilgund. Multiple levels, a jumble of stairs, passages, walking platforms, and open shafts, make up this mine. There are even a handful of hidden passages revealed only by nearby levers.

The Longbeards once used these mines but they were deserted long ago when the dwarves left this region altogether leaving behind one of many dwarven ruins in Forochel. Also long since, Arvedui of the Dúnadan and his men hid in these mines escaping Fornost and the wrath of the Witch-king. It is said that they also hid many things dear to them within the tunnels.

However, recently the Dourhands have ventured into the frozen wastes of Forochel, lead by the greediest dwarf since the days of Skorgrím, laying claim to the mine and its resources. The leader of these dwarves is found behind a locked door, inside the "Foreman's Quarters" of the mines, at the bottom of the central pit. From here, Arnmórth the Exacting commands the Dourhands of the mine, free from harm's way.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:





The Icereave Mines long stood unused, but now the Dourhands seek to use them for their own benefit. — Deed text


Dourhands at work within the mines Fearsome Peikko fight with the Dourhands for claim of the mine The large pit in the heart of the mine Wooden scaffolding branching from one tunnel to another Ruined stairs and walls from a time long past