Defence of Rohan

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Update 12: Helm's Deep introduces a new "game mechanic" -- Epic Battles. (Also referred to as Big Battles.) The Epic Battles are accessed via the Road to Battle panel or the Instance Finder.
This is the first set of Epic Battles (War for Gondor is the second), which comes with the Helm's Deep expansion.

  • All five battles must be completed in sequence before you can access the next battle.
  • Each instance has a map table that functions as an exit from the instance if you wish to exit early or you can use Instance Leave.
  • All quests are daily quests. Once you complete them, you can't get credit for that quest the next time you run that battle at that size until the next day.
Name Size
Helm's Dike Solo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
The Deeping Wall Solo/Duo, Raid (Twelve)
The Deeping-coomb Solo/Duo
The Glittering Caves Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
The Hornburg Solo/Duo