Gap of Rohan Quests

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Gap of Rohan Area Quests

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Isendale (73)

Vector quest from Gravenwood that send you to Ardwyn in the Gap of Rohan after you are done with Dunland:


Questgiver Ardwyn

    • [73] Strike Out (after completing all three quests above) --> sends you to Answith

Questgiver Answith

Questgiver Garrun

  1. (NOTE - Do NOT exit the instance or use any doors until after you're done with all quests. The captains particularly do not repop and you can fail to complete that part of the quests if you leave, log out, or etc..)

Questgiver Innoth

    • [73] Dire Warnings (after completing all his quests) --> sends back to Ardwyn

Questgiver Ardwyn

Heathfells (74)

  • Quests are listed in the sequence necessary to open the next quest(s) in line.
  • Several Quests are initiated by Items dropped by various Mobs.
  • There are two daily repeatable quests in the Pit of Iron for reputation with Théodred's Riders (500 Reputation each).


Questgiver Cadfrith

Grimbold's Camp & Dol Baran

Questgiver Daervunn

Questgiver Grimbold of Grimslade and Féarn at Dol Baran

    • [74] The Pit of Iron - Féarn - Vector to Ondor the Dwarf in the Pit of Iron

Pit of Iron Quests

Dwarf-make Pick-axe
NOTE: The Dwarf Ondor's quests in the list below are usually the ones "missing" needed to complete the Deed: Quests in the Heathfells.
Just like in Moria, you can ride a goat while inside the Pit of Iron.
You spot something lying next to the cave entrance...

WARNING: Might need to finish Meriun's two worm-quests Something Moves Down There.... and The Devourer before doing the Revolt in the Deeps? Starting the revolt means that Meriun will leave the cave, not sure if he will still be down there again afterwards to let you finish his quests if you do the Instance: Revolt in the Deeps first, so save that for last just in case. He will stay there! You can accept both quests after Instance: Revolt in the Deeps, too. Just tried it!

Heathfells (75)

Grimbold's Camp

Questgiver Grimbold of Grimslade

This quest is available right from the start. No other quests are needed to unlock it.

[75] Scouting the Way - Vector from Grimbold's Camp to Dagoras near Nan Curunír

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