Quest:Fierce Resistance

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Fierce Resistance
Level 73
Type Solo
Starts with Garrun
Starts at Isendale
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [87.5S, 11.9W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Isendale
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Several Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders have been sighted among the Warg-warrens north of here. These creatures clearly guide the actions of the Wargs and must be dealt with...I find it strange that the Dunlendings tolerate the vile creatures.

'The Warg-warrens lie to the north and east of here, and the pack-leaders and Warg-riders can be found near there. Go forth and slay the vile beasts...for Théodred and Théoden King!'


Several Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders patrol beyond the Warg-warrens.

Objective 1

Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders can be found near the Warg-warrens, north and east of Garrun's camp.

Garrun asked you to defeat the pack-leaders and Warg-riders among the Warg-warrens.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Garrun in the Isendale

Garrun is at his camp, west and south of the Warg-warrens.

You should return to Garrun with tidings of your success.

Garrun: 'With their leadership dispatched, perhaps the rest of the pack will disperse and return from whence they came.'