Fangorn's Edge

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Fangorn's Edge
Level: 75
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: Rise of Isengard
Region: Dunland
Area: Nan Curunír
Location: [79.9S, 0.4E]
Fangorn's Edge.jpg

"You have found my lumber-camp. Very impressive. Few know of its existence. Do you think you can stop the tide of progress? The war will continue. The time of Man is over."


Fangorn's Edge is a level 75 three-person instance in Nan Curunír. Players must have Instance Cluster: Isengard unlocked to enter and complete the deed Discovery: Instances of Isengard by visiting the Ox-clan Merchant Camp in northeast Nan Curunír [79.9S, 0.4E].


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Instance Overview

The instance is structured around a large central roadway heading up a hill, and several paths branching off it. The central roadway features processions of Orcs, Uruks, Wargs, and Trolls marching along it. These mobs give no reward when defeated and spawn infinitely. There are also invisible walls that prevent players from directly ascending or descending the hill.

The player's objective is to cross the road several times, finding paths that gradually lead uphill. On each branch, a couple of trash mob pulls will lead up to a triggered event involving a Fangorn Huorn. When players approach close enough, the Huorn will be attacked by a group of Orcs and Uruks. The Huorns must all be defended to complete the Save the Trees deed (any difficulty) and Challenge:Fangorn's Savior (Tier 2 only). Players will meet four Huorns this way.

The next stage of the instance begins when players approach the top of the hill, a clearing at the edge of Fangorn. The first boss, Undúrz, waits here with the last four Huorns around him. During the fight, waves of Orcs will spawn and try to cut down the Huorns. Allowing the Huorns to be defeated is the requirement for the Clear-cutter deed. Otherwise, tank and spank Undúrz to progress the instance.

When Undúrz has been defeated, three Ents (Broadlimb, Greybough, and Twigfoot) will approach the clearing. In Tier 1, they are allies; in Tier 2, they are targetable enemies, can be damaged by the players, and will aggro onto players if enough threat is generated. Many waves of Isengard Orcs will attack and must be defeated. Finally, the three Trolls Gathaz, Kabor, and Zagh will spawn. When they are defeated, the instance ends.


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Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale (T1 / T2)
75 Undúrz Elite Master Uruk 0 205,549 / 513,874
75 Gathaz Elite Master Troll 0 131,552 / 328,879
75 Kabor Elite Master Troll 0 131,552 / 328,879
75 Zagh Elite Master Troll 0 131,552 / 328,879


Incomparable Items (Challenge chest)
Light Shoulders 8 (incomparable)-icon.pngBow 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngHeavy Helm 13 (incomparable)-icon.pngWarden's Shield 16 (incomparable)-icon.png
Rare Items (Tier 2)
Heavy Armour 10 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Gloves 18 (rare)-icon.pngLight Leggings 14 (rare)-icon.pngDagger 2 (rare)-icon.pngEarring 42 (rare)-icon.pngRing 23 (rare)-icon.pngRing 66 (rare)-icon.pngBracelet 27 (rare)-icon.pngShield 34 (rare)-icon.pngShield 6 (rare)-icon.png
Rare Items (Tier 1)
Light Armour 28 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Armour 9 (rare)-icon.pngLight Head 70 (rare)-icon.png


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