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Image of Faltharan
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Eastern Gondor
Area Upper Lebennin
Settlement Tumladen
Location Tumladen
Map Ref [77.1S, 29.7W]


Faltharan is the son and heir of Sirgon, the Lord of the Gondorian fiefdom of Lebennin and its capital, Pelargir.

Falhtaran's wife Nimithil stayed behind at Ost Anglebed while the young noble sets out to restore peace throughout both Lower and Upper Lebennin, rebuilding Pelargir, rescuing his father and bringing peace to the refugees in Tumladen.

Quest Involvement

  1. [100] A Wary Extraction
  2. [100] Breaking the News
  3. [100] The Legacy of Sirgon
  4. [100] Farewell to Pelargir
  5. [100] In Search of Truth
  6. [100] Among the Thieves
  7. [100] Faltharan's Confrontation - rewards Class Trait Point