Elendur (of Isildur)

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Biography: Elendur
Birth - Death Second Age 3299 - Third Age 2
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Elendil
Parent(s): Isildur
Info: Brothers: Aratan, Ciryon, Valandil
Died in Battle of the Gladden Fields


Elendur was born in Númenor in Second Age 3299, the oldest son of Isildur, grandson of Elendil.

When Elendil escaped the Downfall of Númenor in II 3319, Elendur landed south-east where his father, together with Anárion, founded the Kingdom of Gondor.

His name probably means "Servant of Elves" in Quenya. Indeed, it might be said about Elendur that he feared no enemies and he was a valiant warrior in the wars that came, when he fought side by side also with Elves.

Elendur was not present at the final phase of the Siege of Barad-dûr when his grandfather, Elendil, was slain and Isildur, his father, cut the One Ring off the hand of Sauron. However, he knew about the Ring, and that it was somehow connected to the Three Rings.

In Third Age 2 Isildur, his sons, and a strong guard, set out for the Kingdom or Arnor and took the route via Imladris (Rivendell). However, they were waylaid by a host of orcs tenfold their numbers; this became known as the Battle of the Gladden Fields. When most of the guard was slain, Elendur urged his father to use the Ring and win the battle, but Isildur knew he could not handle its power. Then Elendur urged him to take the Ring to the Keepers (of the Three Rings), as he had sent the shards of Narsil to safety.

"Isildur turned west, and drawing up the Ring that hung in a wallet from a fine chain about his neck, he set it upon his finger with a cry of pain, and was never seen again by any eye upon Middle-earth.! — Unfinished Tales, by Tolkien

These details were told by Elendur's young esquire, named Estelmo, who survived the battle lying stunned by a club, sheltered under Elendur's dead body. And because Woodmen from King Thranduil arrived at the scene his life was spared; they arrived too late for rescue but in time to stop the orcs from their usual mutilation of the bodies.

Thus Elendur died in III 2, 144 years old. He had no known children.

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