Dol Amroth Armoury

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Dol Amroth Armoury
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Havens of Belfalas
Location: [75.8S, 72.9W]


The Dol Amroth Armoury is a building interior and a public dungeon within Havens of Belfalas in Western Gondor. [75.8S, 72.9W]

The public dungeon instance can be entered thru the Training Instance: Quest:Retaking Dol Amroth [35.8S, 128.9W] and will increase your reputation with the Dol Amroth City Watch Armoury District.



Armoury faction quests

Quest giver - Court of the Fount - Glíreth [75.2S, 71.3W]
Quests within the Training Instance: Retaking Dol Amroth
[100] Dol Amroth - The Armoury


The following creatures are found within the instance: