Dâr Matum

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Dâr Matum
Type: Ruins
Region: Central Gondor
Area: Ringló Vale
Location: [69.0S, 52.0W]
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Dâr Matum is a landmark in the Ringló Vale in Central Gondor. [69.0S, 52.0W]


Old ruins in the western reaches of the Ringló Vale have recently been occupied by the Ruthless Dead who invaded the vale shortly before the Dawnless Day.


Involving: Requires completion of A Commanding Knock and Arvaethor's Patrol:

  1. [100] The Dead Descend
  2. [100] The Unnatural Pact
  3. [100] The Deep Dark
  4. [100] A Ruthless End
    [100] Instance: A Ruthless End
  5. [100] Conflict in Dor-en-Ernil vector to Linhir


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:


The following creatures can be found at this location:


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