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  • This category contains quests based on geography, which have a starting location within Moria broken down by area sub-categories.
  • Levels indicate the main levels; class, faction, festival, and odd quests are not included.
  • For quests which have "Moria" as their "quest group", see Category:Moria Quests.
  • For a display of the dependencies between quests within Moria, see Moria Quests.

See the listed sub-categories for areas, levels, and notes. See also Moria Quest Chains.

Quests per Area, Ordered per Level Range

Area Levels Notes
The Great Delving 51 Quests This is the area most characters enter when first visiting Moria.
The Silvertine Lodes 52 Quests
Durin's Way 53 Quests
The Water-works 54 Quests
Zelem-melek 55 Quests
The Redhorn Lodes 56 Quests
The Flaming Deeps 57 Quests
Nud-melek 58 Quests
The Foundations of Stone 59 Quests
The Dimrill Dale 60 Quests This area is in Lothlórien just outside the eastern gate to Moria.


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