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Level: 40-98
Instance: Fornost: Wraith of Fire

Type: Elite Master
Genus: Unseen
Species: Wraith

Morale: 25,435-565,125
Power: 1,62533,961
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: Unknown
Stun/Mez Imm.: Unknown
Root Immune: Unknown
Cry: Unknown
Song: Unknown
Tactical: Unknown
Physical: Unknown
Common: Unknown AncientDwarf: Unknown
Fire: Unknown Beleriand: Unknown
Light: Unknown Westernesse: Unknown
Shadow: Unknown Frost: Unknown
Lightning: Unknown

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Brogadan is found at Barad Narthan in Fornost: Wraith of Fire, an instance in the North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W]

He is the third of the four wraiths encountered within the Fornost instances.


Fist-icon.png Terrible Retribution   Returns cold, shocking pain, sometimes roots the attacker
Random single-target knock-back
Random single-target rooting effect

Quest Involvement


As the fight progresses, the outer sides of the room will light on fire. This fire causes a Deadly Inferno effect which deals 122 Fire damage every 2 seconds to anyone standing within it. Stay in the middle of the room.


Level 40-41
Key 2 (incomparable)-icon.pngEarring 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngLight Leggings 1 (rare)-icon.pngDagger 5 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Shoulders 2 (rare)-icon.png

Level 85 Gear (Fornost Shared)
One-handed Axe 1 (epic)-icon.pngCloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngCloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngEarring 25 (epic)-icon.pngEarring 25 (epic)-icon.pngEarring 25 (epic)-icon.pngHeavy Leggings 4 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Leggings 4 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Leggings 4 (epic)-icon.png


"Greetings, intruders. You are a bit late for the festivities, but perhaps I can fill you in."
"You see you are witnessing something hundreds of years in the making! Amarthiel has re-awakened us."
"You are too late, and now you will die!"

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