Annie Hayhurst

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Annie Hayhurst
Image of Annie Hayhurst
Title Cook's Guild Improved Recipes
Gender Female
Race Man
Region The Shire
Area The Delving Fields
Settlement Michel Delving
Interior Cook's Guild Hall
Location Michel Delving's Craft-fair
Map Ref [34.6S, 75.6W]


Annie Hayhurst is the Improved Recipes Vendor of the Cook's Guild found inside the Cook's Guild-hall in Michel Delving. There are also unnamed members of the guild in other guild halls from whom the recipes can be purchased:

Quest Involvement


Apprentice of the Guild Standing

Expert Cook Recipe-icon.png Expert Cook Recipes Cost
Hearty Stock (x5) Recipe 36 Silver 
Marinated Beef (x5) Recipe 36 Silver 
Strawberry Filling (x5) Recipe 36 Silver 
Superior Beef Stew (x25) Recipe 36 Silver 
Superior Hard Tack Rations (x25) Recipe 36 Silver 
Superior Steak and Kidney Pie (x25) Recipe 36 Silver 

Journeyman of the Guild Standing

Artisan Cook Recipe-icon.png Artisan Cook Recipes Cost
Apple Pie Filling (x5) Recipe 44 Silver 
Marinated Chicken Cutlets (x5) Recipe 44 Silver 
Raspberry Filling (x5) Recipe 44 Silver 
Winter Barley Flour (x5) Recipe 44 Silver 
Superior Shire Rations (x25) Recipe 44 Silver 
Superior Spiced Apple Pie (x25) Recipe 44 Silver 
Superior Stew of Kings (x25) Recipe 44 Silver 

Expert of the Guild Standing

Master Cook Recipe-icon.png Master Cook Recipes Cost
Blackberry Pie Filling (x5) Recipe 52 Silver 
Tasty Frosting (x5) Recipe 52 Silver 
Superior Lembas (x25) Recipe 52 Silver 
Superior Perfect Pie (x25) Recipe 52 Silver 
Superior Ultimate Carrot Cake (x25) Recipe 52 Silver 

Artisan of the Guild Standing

Supreme Cook Recipe-icon.png Supreme Cook Recipes Cost
Ball of Dough (x5) Recipe 56 Silver 
Strawberry-rhubarb Filling (x5) Recipe 56 Silver 
Blackberry Jam (x5) Recipe 56 Silver 
Mashed Royal Taters (x5) Recipe 56 Silver 
Mint Sauce (x5) Recipe 56 Silver 
Superior Bread and Jam (x25) Recipe 56 Silver 
Superior Rack of Lamb with Mint Sauce (x25) Recipe 56 Silver 
Superior Shepherd's Pie (x25) Recipe 56 Silver 

Master of the Guild Standing

Westfold Cook Recipe-icon.png Westfold Cook Recipes Cost
Bilberry Filling (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Bowl of Leek Stock (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Cup of Black Barley Flour (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Cup of Bread-crumbs (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Cup of Oatmeal (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Loaf of Barley Bread (x5) Recipe 72 Silver 
Superior Apple and Cheese Pie (x25) Recipe 72 Silver 
Superior Rohan Pasty (x25) Recipe 72 Silver 
Superior Toad in the Hole (x25) Recipe 72 Silver 

Eastemnet Master of the Guild Standing

Eastemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png Eastemnet Cook Recipes Cost
Bag of Eastemnet Coffee Grounds (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Bowl of Duck Stock (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Bowl of Mashed Turnips (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Bowl of Stewed Turnips (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Cherry Filling (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Cherry Rye Muffin (x10) Recipe 78 Silver 
Crisp Roast Duck (x10) Recipe 78 Silver 
Cup of Rye Flour (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Jar of Cherry Jam (x5) Recipe 78 Silver 
Rye Flour Oatcake (x10) Recipe 78 Silver 
Superior Eastemnet Coffee (x10) Recipe 78 Silver 
Superior Roast Wild Duck (x25) Recipe 78 Silver 
Superior Vegetable Pasty (x25) Recipe 78 Silver 
Turnip and Bacon Casserole (x10) Recipe 78 Silver 

Westemnet Master of the Guild Standing

Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png Westemnet Cook Recipes Cost
Bag of Westemnet Coffee Grounds (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 
Bowl of Poached Pears (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 
Bowl of Vegetable Stock (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 
Cup of Baked Beans (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 
Jar of Pear Preserves (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 
Superior Goat Cheese and Pear Pasty (x25) Recipe 82 Silver 
Superior Pear Glazed Roast Venison (x25) Recipe 82 Silver 
Superior Westemnet Coffee (x10) Recipe 82 Silver 
Venison Sausage (x5) Recipe 82 Silver 

Minas Ithil Master of the Guild Standing

Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png Minas Ithil Cook Recipes Cost
Condenser Flask Recipe 120 Silver 
Crock Pot Recipe 120 Silver 
Ithilharn Roll Recipe 120 Silver 
Minas Morgul Alchemy Bench Recipe 120 Silver 
Minas Morgul Tincture Supplies Recipe 120 Silver