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Settlements-icon.png Anazârmekhem
Region: Moria
Area: The Flaming Deeps
Location: [13.3S, 108.0W]
A view over Anazârmekhem

Anazârmekhem is a settlement within The Flaming Deeps.


Anazârmekhem stands as the gatehouse to The Flaming Deeps. While its purpose long ago was mainly a matter of governance, it's purpose now is as a rallying point for the dwarvish expedition as it reaches into the lowest caverns of Moria.
Located in the northern half of The Flaming Deeps, Anazârmekhem is the gateway to this region from Zelem-melek. This border between the two regions is guarded by numerous Ghâsh-hai warriors and archers and a handful of Orcs. [1]


[13.3S, 108.0W]

Quest Involvement

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Related quests that involve this area:





Nobody knows what these dwarves are talking about, but it surely is important

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