Update 7.3 Official - August 6, 2012

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Update 7.3 Release Notes - Official


  • Fixed a bug where the new item overlay appeared on the Quest Tracker Item Display for quests with usable items.
  • Players should now successfully receive their selected quest reward item when they complete a quest that also causes a level up or promotes them to a new reputation tier.


  • Items sheathed on characters backs should no longer defy the law of gravity.
  • Jewelry found in a Locked Lootbox is now Bind on Equip, rather than Bind on Acquire.
  • Javelins found in Steel-bound Lootboxes may now be used with javelin-specific skills, like Javelin Toss.


  • Race Tokens from the 2011 Summer Festival will now turn into Festival Tickets when placed in your inventory. Festival Tickets are also now barter wallet items. If you have any Race Tokens or Festival Tickets in storage, you will need to place them in to your inventory to have them update properly.
  • The Inn League and the Ale Association members finally noticed a new festival was taking place and have updated their barter vendors accordingly. You can now trade Inn League and Ale association tokens for Farmers Faire tokens and, on the kindred vendor, you can trade for the Farmers Faire mount token.
  • Drunken Hobbits should no longer slink home to sleep it off and should be easier to locate and admonish for not going home to sleep it off.

NPCs and Town Services

Sounds and FX

  • Music no longer abruptly starts or stops when crossing area boundaries.
  • Sounds should no longer replay when client regains focus
  • Downward spiraling sound volumes should no longer occur for players with unchecked Persistent Sound audio options.

Source: Update 7.3, Official