Update 7.2 Official - July 9, 2012

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Update 7.2 Official Release Notes

The Hobbits in Bywater will be celebrating the first annual Farmers Faire! Participate in Farmer Sandson’s Egg Scramble or try to steal some of Farmer Maggot’s delicious (and peculiar) mushrooms. Lend a helping hand in the market and try your luck at reeling in some fish at the Bywater fishing hole. Use your rewards to buy new cosmetic items, farm-animal masks and more! Be sure to join in the festivities starting July 19th.


  • Players should no longer see travel routes breaking (i.e., horses stopping indefinitely while traversing a travel route, requiring a logout-login to fix).
  • The Justice Virtue upgrades should now properly show the next upgrade after one has been purchased.
  • Level 60 lootboxes should no longer drop Aquamarine Shards
  • Lock-On Camera: Targeting yourself will no longer point your camera due north, targeting yourself is like targeting nothing now.



  • Swift Blade has been restored to its former, much more swift, glory.



  • Some Moria rewards have been renamed to better reflect who gives them now.
  • Now that we've found a large enough candle snuffer, players may now light and put out the Gondorian Candelabrum by interacting with it.


  • Players should now successfully receive their selected quest reward item when they complete a quest that also causes a level up or promotes them to a new reputation tier.
  • Moria -- Waterworks -- Beacon of Hope -- Ancient Dwarf-texts are no longer buried under fungus.
  • Mournshaws Spirit Hunt: Boar spirit will no longer be angered and refuse to end combat if you defeat him too quickly.

Skirmish, Instances, & Raids

  • Skirmish Soldiers now have greatly increased out of combat Morale and Power Regen
  • Roots of Fangorn: Frushkul's AI detector expanded to cover the entire combat area - including the troll's room. No more hiding, cowards!


  • The Special Skirmish Reward Pack now gives the correct number of Marks and Medallions.

Apparel Dummies now exist in hub cities throughout the world. Each dummy displays a hand-selected cosmetic outfit, and clicking on the dummy will take you to the offer for that outfit in the LOTRO store.

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Source: Update 7.2, Official