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Image of Théoden
Title King of Rohan
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region West Rohan
Settlement Edoras
Interior Meduseld
Map Ref [62.3S, 72.8W]


Théoden, the King of Rohan, is found at Edoras and later at Helm's Deep, [63.9S, 89.5W].
After answering the call for aid from Gondor, he rides with 6,000 Rohirrim to Minas Tirith and unto the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Shortly before, he can be found at his camp in the War-stead of the Rohirrim in Taur Drúadan. [46.0S, 27.0W]

Quest Involvement

Vol. III. Book 9

Vol. III. Book 11

Vol. III. Book 13

Vol. III. Book 14

Vol. IV. Book 5

Vol. IV. Book 6



"King Théoden of Rohan was once a robust and vibrant man, but he now sits quietly in his hall at Edoras with only his advisor, Gríma Wormtongue, and the remnants of his household. Many of his lords have begun to lose faith in his ability to rule as the King of Rohan must."