Quest:The Dark Depths of Anglach

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The Dark Depths of Anglach
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Coldan
Starts at Anglach
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [40.3S, 3.9E]
Ends with Captain Lachír
Ends at Anglach
Quest Group Mordor: Udûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Have you guessed it? It was into Anglach that Captain Lachír led the search party. He felt that for certain, that miraculous treasure he had become fixated on must lie within. I have watched for the better part of a day and still they have not returned. Does that mean they have found the treasure? I am unsure. I - I do not like lingering on the thought.

'If you seek him, that is where you are bound, too. As for me, I will take your good council and make straight for the Foothold!'


According to Coldan the lookout, Captain Lachír and his search party entered great forge of Anglach and have not yet come out.

Objective 1

  • Approach Anglach

You should approach the great forges of Anglach in Udûn, and search for a way in.

What hope did Lachír see in this forbidden place?

Objective 2

  • Search for Lachír in Anglach

Search for Captain Lachír and his men within the great forges of Anglach, in Udûn.

Choking smoke and a wash of heat fill the air here
There is no sign of the Captain here. They must be deeper in.
Signs of a struggle lie before the gate.
The unmistakeable voices of men echo from nearby - they must be close.
You find only Lachír, his eyes gleaming with inspiration and a smile on his face.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Captain Lachír

You should talk to Captain Lachír now that you have found him in the lower levels of Anglach, in Udûn.

Lachír: 'Stand back! Wait, you are no forge-goblin. You are one of the . . . Periain? A sign and a portent, truly!
'I have found it at last. Not, I confess, as I imagined it, a bright sword or luminous pendant. I sought high and low for those, in vain. But these ingots, why they are heavy with power. They are hot to the touch! Think what a sword forged from this metal might be. With the Enemy's own works shall I bow and break his kingdom!'