Quest:Instance: What Was Spoken and What Revealed

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Instance: What Was Spoken and What Revealed
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Kurtil
Starts at Maudhúl Ghûg
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [44.8S, 5.9E]
Quest Group Mordor: Udûn
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

For the forge-workers who wish only to escape hard labour and the lash, there is but one hope. In this secret meeting with the Easterlings, they must somehow bargain safe passage far from cruel Mordor and vengeful Gondor and all they have ever known.


A covert meeting between the forge-workers and the Easterling contingent might just yield a way out of Udûn.

Objective 1

  • Watch and listen

The meeting is beginning.

Objective 2

  • Watch and listen

The meeting is under way. The forge-workers are presenting their case.

Khôpol says, 'You speak of returning east with my company.'
Stéthi says, 'You have the long and the short of it, aye.'
Overseer Gradrágh says, 'We wish only to live, far from the cruel swords of Gondor.'
Khôpol says, 'Yet we have made no plans to return to the East.'
A murmur issues from the gathered crowd

Objective 3

  • Talk to Kurtil

It seems that Kurtil wants to whisper something to you.

Kurtil: 'It goes, it goes! You and I listen and watch, yes? Let others do the talking. That is best.'

Objective 4

  • Watch and Listen

The meeting is under way. The two sides do not yet see eye to eye.

Forgeworker says, 'No plans? Staying would be madness!'
Forgeworker says, 'Still, if you go -- will you take us with you?'
Forgeworker says, 'Yes, take us with you if you go.'
Khôpol says, 'I did not say we would stay. Although... many opportunities now lie open in this land.'
Khôpol says, 'If we do return, I will gladly bring so many skilled labourers with me as my slaves.'
A louder, more dismayed murmur rises from among the forge-workers.

Objective 5

  • Talk to Kurtil

Things are not going well. Kurtil has motioned you over.

Kurtil: 'Fah! This is not the way. No, no.
But rather than speak, Kurtil kicks Overseer Gradrágh in the foot. The two meet eyes and the overseer clears his throat.

Objective 6

  • Watch and listen

The meeting is under way. Can Gradrágh salvage the situation?

Kurtil says, 'Hhhem!'
Overseer Gradrágh says, 'Hrgh! You drive your bargain hard, Lord Khôpol. But Orcs and Dwarves are no slaves.'
Yordam says, 'He speaks of bargaining, as if they had something to offer in return.'
Overseer Gradrágh says, 'Did you hear something?'
Khôpol says, 'Indeed, it seems all you have to haggle with is your lives.'
Slárnur says, 'Naught to bargain with? Ha! Then you have no idea what secrets lie buried within Udûn!'
Gradrágh beckons you over

Objective 7

  • Talk to Gradrágh

Gradrágh has beckoned you over.

Gradrágh '<name>, why is the meting flag still raised. We are all here. It draws attention. I do not like it.'
'Go, pull it down.'

Objective 8

  • Take down the meeting flag

Gradrágh asked you to pull down the meeting flag, as it is no longer needed and only draws attention to the covert gathering.

MEETING FLAG "Raised to signal the meeting."
Destroying ...

Objective 9

  • Watch and listen

The meeting is under way. Can Gradrágh salvage the situation?

Khôpol says, 'Buried secrets? Lead me to them and I will judge of them myself.'
Slárnur says, 'We will bring you proofs of the whole. We are not fools enough to place all the gold in your hands, first.'
Do not hand them all the gold, dwarf, for it is not yours
Indeed, all your lives are forfeit for treachery against Ugrukhôr, Captain of the Pit

Objective 10

  • See who approaches

What menacing voice spoke those words? See who approaches.

Overseer Gradrágh shouts, 'The enforcers. We're done for now!'
Forgeworker shouts, 'And beside him-- a dread, a Rogmul!'
Forgeworker shouts, 'Ai, we have nowhere to run!'
Forgeworker shouts, 'Defend yourselves - or flee!'

Objective 11

Rúthragon shouts, 'You thought to escape the notice of Ugrukhôr, Captain of the Pit.'
Rúthragon shouts, 'But he is not to be trifled with.'
Grúshat the Thrasher shouts, 'And he's got powerful allies now, maggots!'
Grúshat the Thrasher shouts, 'Eyes everywhere. Blades waiting. Ahahaha!'
Rúthragon shouts, 'You thought the Great Eye's fall meant you could go scurrying off into the cracks?'
Rúthragon shouts, 'A new order is coming and Ugrukhôr will play his part.'
Rúthragon shouts, 'Run, cowards. Run or die!'
Grúshat the Thrasher shouts, 'You'll pay for crossing the Captain, pay dearly!'
Grúshat the Thrasher shouts, 'You miserable maggots! Take that!'
Defeated Grúshat the Thrasher
Rúthragon shouts, 'I will tear you to shreds even if it is the end of me!'
Defeated the Rogmul Rúthragon

Objective 12

  • All hope is lost

The enforcer and Rogmul are defeated, but the parley is lost beyond hope.

Though the Rogmul and Enforcer have fallen, the damage is done -- all hope is broken and scattered to the winds.
Completed: Instance: What Was Spoken and What Revealed