Quest:Instance: The Fatal Prize

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Instance: The Fatal Prize
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Captain Lachír
Starts at Anglach
Start Region Udûn
Quest Group Mordor: Udûn
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


Captain Lachír's single fixation has taken him and his men deep into Anglach. But what is this miraculous metal he claims to have found there? Can good truly come out of the forges of darkness?

Objective 1

  • Talk to Captain Lachír

Talk to Captain Lachír while you wait for his men to return.

Captain Lachír: 'Ah, and then there is this. It is something else, entirely. It looks almost crusted over intentionally. Help me clear it off and we shall see what lies beneath.'

Objective 2

  • Clean off the artifact

Help clean off the encrusted object in front of Captain Lachír.

STRANGE ARTEFACT "Even dirty and broken, this artefact glows with a strange inner light."
Captain Lachír shouts, 'Come!'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'Put your shoulder into, now.'
Cleansing ...
Captain Lachír shouts, 'Oh, what wonder, look!'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'How it shines with otherworldly light!'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'What was that? It must be my men returning. Still we should be wary.'

Objective 3

  • Defend yourself

Something has come over Captain Lachír's men and they are attacking without regard.

Captain Lachír shouts, 'Hail. Who goes there?'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'Stop! What are you doing? I command you to lower your arms'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'What... what is wrong with you? I am your captain!'
Captain Lachír shouts, 'What fell sorcery has come over my men?'
Captain Lachír shouts, I cut him down... with these hands. Oh, darkest horror!
Captain Lachír shouts, Ho now, is there anybody else out there? You must stop this at once!
Captain Lachír shouts, What is this cursed darkness? It is cold - cold to my bones. It makes my skin crawl.
Captain Lachír shouts, Gah! This darkness saps my strength. It withers my courage!
Captain Lachír shouts, Let us stay in the light, <class>. I think that is best.

Objective 5

  • Talk to Captain Lachír

There is a pause in the onslaught. Captain Lachír wishes to speak.

Captain Lachír: When you meet Lachír's eyes in the light, there is a wildness behind a mask of bravery. It is fear.
'Have all my men turned on me? Can I have pushed them too far in search of something powerful, something truly magnificent? Can sullen resentment - or greed, greed and jealousy have driven to such ends?
'But what am I saying? Did you see their faces? It was madness, madness and not mutiny written there, plain as day.'
The Captain falls silent abruptly, brooding.

Objective 6

  • Defend yourselves again

More of Captain Lachír's men are attacking.

Captain Lachír shouts, What's that? More come. Ready yourself.
Captain Lachír shouts, Gah! Have all my men turned on me? Tell me truly - it was only those who entered this place, was it not?
Captain Lachír shouts, And why have they gone mad, but not I?
Captain Lachír shouts, It is because they handled the iron, hour after hour, and not I.
Captain Lachír shouts, These were my men, <name>.
Captain Lachír shouts, Yes, I. It can be only I who did this to them. Who led them here.
With an anguished cry, the captain runs off and is lost to the deepening shadows
Captain Lachír shouts, If any remain unharmed, I must find them. I must stop this - this nightmare.
Captain Lachír shouts, Do not follow me. Find safety. Go!
Instance: The Fatal Prize