Quest:An Answer Unspoken

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An Answer Unspoken
Level 106
Type Solo
Starts with Kurtil
Starts at Udûn
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [43.1S, 1.7E]
Ends with Kurtil
End Region Udûn
Map Ref [45.0S, 0.7E]
Quest Group Mordor: Udûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Here, I will begin. Tell me, friend. When two men meet to speak, does one say a thing - and then both go off without another word? No, no, no.

'Ah, but first, this will not do. I must get up. Will you help me?'


The Nurnhoth slave Kurtil has promised to unravel the secrets of the signal flags, if he can be trusted. Will he reveal the truth of a meeting among the dwellers of Udûn?

Objective 1

The slave Kurtil is lying on the southern edge of the Udûn basin, up atop a wooden structure.

You should help Kurtil up off the ground.

Helping up ...
The slave comes up unsteadily with a groan, but seems steady enough once up

Objective 2

  • Talk to Kurtil

The slave Kurtil stands on the southern edge of the Udûn basin, up atop a wooden structure.

You should talk to Kurtil some more.

Kurtil: 'When two men speak, one talks and then the other. Back and forth. So it is when we speak with flags. Then only those with eyes can hear. The Captain of the Pit, our lord and taskmaster, he has no such eyes. Nor his enforcers. Nor his sorcerers. Nor even his spies! They hear not when the flags speak. Only we forge-workers do.'
Kurtil delves in his wandering patter into the meanings of the flags: how one describes the nature of the topic; another whether past, present, or future; a third whether a certainty, a possibility, a warning, or a wondering, and so forth. All in all, the flags are far more subtle and complex than Barathron took them to be.
'And now, let us seek out the second speech, the answering. We should look, I think, east of here and south, by the road up to Mornaur Forge. You will go and look. And when you have seen, there I will be upon the upward road.'

Objective 3

  • Find more signal flags (0/6)

You should search for more signal flags south of the Udûn basin, on the road that leads up toward Mornaur.

Kurtil: 'We will learn the reply to the first speaking. Seek it east and south, near the road that leads upward to Mornaur Forge.'
SIGNAL FLAG "Used by the forge-workers of Udûn to communicate covertly. What does this one mean?"
Examining flag ...
Found another signal flag (6/6)

Objective 4

  • Find Kurtil up the road

Now that you have inspected more signal flags, you should look for Kurtil southward on the road that leads to Mornaur.

Kurtil greets you with a mischievous twinkle in his eye
Kurtil: 'Up here, you may look down on the Land of Making and Labour. Land of muddy marching. Land of swords made and swords raised. Look below and you will see. The shape is like a sword-gash, is it not? A tale is whispered among my kind: that Xayal Zangin, the Resplendent one, fought here, in this place, with the fire giant Zalim Atash, and their fighting broke the world. Many such tales are there among my kind.'
He laughs.
'Who can say what happened long ago? Not you or I? For who should remember. We have only tellings, and tellings tatter. Tatter and wear to dust. But now you must tell me what flags it was you saw.'
You describe each symbol you saw, drawing the barren dirt when necessary, and the Nurnhoth slave nods gravely.