Quest:The Cleansing of Tharbad

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The Cleansing of Tharbad
Level 17
Type Solo
Starts with Mayor Cadwallon
Starts at Tharbad
Start Region Cardolan
Map Ref [55.4S, 39.9W]
Ends with Cadwallon
Ends at Herne Mayor's Office
End Region Cardolan
Map Ref [49.7S, 44.6W]
Quest Group Cardolan
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I was on my way back to Herne when those accursed fools attacked me. I have seen what I came here to see, so I will make my way back and meet you there.

'No! I do not need your help getting back - a friend will be arriving to bring me home. However, you could put those skills of yours to work in another way. Drive out the Orcs who have infiltrated Tharbad. If you survive, return to me in Herne with their ears when you have finished, and I shall reward you.'


Orcs have infested the ruins of the ancient city of Tharbad. Cadwallon Nevit, Mayor of Herne, will not allow this defilement to continue!

Objective 1

Collected severed Orc ears (10/10)

Objective 2

You should bring the severed Orc ears to Mayor Cadwallon Nevit.

Mayor Nevit has returned to Herne, in central Cardolan.

Cadwallon: So, you made it back, I see. You have my thanks. One day, Tharbad will be ours once more.