Quest:Mission: The Further Adventures of Elladan & Elrohir, Chapter 5

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Mission: The Further Adventures of Elladan & Elrohir, Chapter 5
Level Scaling
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Elladan
Starts at Egladil
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [16.6S, 67.3W]
Ends with Galadriel
Ends at Caras Galadhon
End Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [15.7S, 66.1W]
Quest Group Mission: Further Adventures
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Quickly -- we must strike out for Talan Revail.'

 Twist: Shared Corruption

Though your party made haste towards northern Lórien, the sight that greets you at Talan Revail is anything but encouraging.


The Wargs have wasted no time wreaking havoc in Lothlórien.

Objective 1

  • Talk to the injured sentinel

You have found an injured Galadhrim sentinel at the base of Talan Revail.

You should talk to him to discover what happened.

Injured Sentinel: 'These are strange tidings.' The guard squints at you for a brief moment before sighing in defeat.
[Non-hobbit] 'I do not know you. But if the sons of Elrond trust you, then I shall put aside my misgivings.'
[Hobbit] 'I do not recognize your kind. But if the sons of Elrond trust you, then I shall put aside my misgivings.'
'The Wargs came down from the Vales. our scouts have reported that one -- grey and larger than the others -- commands the movement of the rest.'
'Several Wargs ambushed us here before escaping to the southeast. Two scouts followed the fleeing Wargs and have not reported back. I fear that they may have been overwhelmed.'

Objective 2

  • Find and help the scouts

Two Galadhrim scouts followed the Wargs to the southeast but haven't reported back.

You should find and help them.

Elrohir says, "We shall keep an eye out for them."
Elladan says, "Not once have we come across servants of the Enemy in our travels."
Elladan says, "Yet the moment we reach our destination..."
Elrohir says, "Don't worry. We'll find our answers and prepare for what's to come."
Elladan says, "You're right, Elrohir. Thank you."
Elladan says, "You heard that too, didn't you?"
Elrohir says, "'I did. Here they come!"
Elrohir says, "One of the scouts, up ahead!"
Galadhrim Scout says, "Watch out!"
Galadhrim Scout says, "I'm sorry, I cannot continue fighting... but please, find my partner."
Galadhrim Scout says, "We were separated in the skirmish. She pursued the Wargs south."
Elrohir says, "We'll find her. I promise."
Elladan says, "Take care."
Elrohir says, "Even the wildlife is in danger..."
Elladan says, "There's the other scout!"
Galadhrim Scout says, "Have you found my partner?"
Elladan says, "Yes. She must have returned to Talan Revail by now."
Galadhrim Scout says, "Thank you. I'd join in your hunt, but in my state, I would only hinder you."
Galadhrim Scout says, "Be careful -- the grey Warg stalks Cerin Brethil with its brethren."
Elrohir says, "Then we shall cleanse their foul presence from that place."

Objective 3

  • Find the Warg Pack-leader

The second scout warned you that the Wargs' leader stalks Cerin Brethil.

You should find the remaining Wargs and their leader.

Elladan says, "That must be the leader. A formidible beat, but mortal all the same."
Elrohir says, "No more shall the Wargs harm Lothlórien and its inhabitants."
Elrohir says, "We'll follow your lead, <name>.

Objective 4

  • Confront the Warg Pack-leader

You have found the remaining Wargs and their leader.

You should confront them.

Dusk Pack-leader says, "What's this? Our next meals off themselves up so willingly!"
Elrohir says, "Your scheming ends here, abhorrent creature."
Elladan says, "The Golden Wood shall never fall to Sauron."
Dusk Pack-leader says, "Hah! Sauron? We answer to none other than Ránulur, Chieftain of Wargs."
Dusk Pack-leader says, "And it is his pack that will send you to your doom!"

Objective 5

The Wargs have been defeated. It seems they do not serve Sauron, but rather, a Warg called Ránulur.

You should talk to Elladan about what transpired.

'Elladan: 'The Warg mentioned a name -- Ránulur. I cannot imagine the "Chieftain of Wargs" would allow another to command the pack unless he did not come with them. Now that we know they do not fight for Sauron, they are not a sizable threat. The remaining Wargs will either slink back to the Vales or fall to the Galadhrim. Lórien is safe.
'Perhaps Shathur-munzu will not be such a dark place one day. But for now, we must turn our gaze elsewhere. We'll let the scouts at Talan Revail know that the Wargs are no more, then return to Caras Galadhon.'

Objective 6

You have finally arrived at Caras Galadhon.

The twins are waiting for you in Galadriel's Garden you should talk to Elrohir.

Elladan says, "Over here, <name>."
Elrohir: '<name>, there you are! Our grandmother's garden is a sight to behold, is it not? I can forgive you for wanting to linger and take it all in. Though, I must caution against wandering too far. We have given our word that you are trustworthy; however, the Galadhrim do not look favourably upon strangers -- as I'm sure you've realized.
'We must part ways to meet with our grandmother soon, but for now... shall we walk in together. Elrohir smiles.

Objective 7

  • Walk with the twins

The twins will leave to meet with Lady Galadriel soon, but they have asked you to walk with them into the garden.

Elladan says, "Alas, we are nearing journey's end."
Elladan says, "Our travels were fraught with danger, but... a small part of me is sad that it's over."
Elrohir says, "Chin up, Elladan. I'm sure <name> would do us the honour of adventuring with us in the future!"
Elrohir says, "We couldn't have made it this far without you. We're in your debt."
Elladan says, "Indeed."
Elladan says, "Grandfather!"
Celeborn says, "Elladan, Elrohir. She's waiting for you."
Elladan says, "Then this is farewell for now, <name>."
Celeborn says, "Welcome to Caras Galadhon. May we speak?"

Objective 8

The twins have departed to complete their errand.

Lord Celeborn would like to speak with you.

Celeborn: 'You have my gratitude for keeping my grandsons safe. I was told that the three of you passed through the Redhorn Gate to enter Lórien. The crossing must have been... difficult for them. Their mother has long since sailed West, but our grief remains.
'The details of what transpired during your travels elude me. What news from Imladris? Did you discover anything?'
As you recount every step of your travels, Lord Celeborn listens attentively. When you finish describing your encounters with the Wargs from Shathur-munzu, his expression darkens.
'I'm sure my grandsons told you of our family's connection to that cursed place. This Ránulur may not be a threat at the moment but I believe his tale is not finished. Should he decide to endanger Lórien again, he will not find mercy.
'Please, wait here. I believe my wife would like to speak to you once her business with our grandsons is done.'

Time passes as Elladan and Elrohir discuss matters with Lady Galadriel

Objective 9

The twins have returned with Lady Galadriel, who seems to have a few words for you.

Galadriel says, "<name>, I would have a word with you."
Galadriel: 'While my grandsons' reasons for being here are grave, I am glad to see them again. May our next meeting be under happier circumstances.'
'They came to me with heavy hearts after what happened on Caradhras. Do not fret, <name> -- your presence steadied them. Such wounds may never heal completely, but they can be soothed. My Mirror showed them visions of the past, moments that they hold dear. Sometimes it is a kindness to remember.'
As Lady Galadriel speaks, she studies you with keen eyes that almost seem to pierce through you.
'The coming days will be dire ones for Middle-earth. I foresee that you have your own part to play in the shaping of its fate -- indeed you have already taken your first steps. Our paths shall cross again.'
'But do not let such thoughts occupy your mind for now. find peace under the mellyrn. Once you have rested and regained your strength, we will send you on your way.'
'Rest now, <name>.'