Quest:04. The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Chapter 4

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04. The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Chapter 4
Level Scaling
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Celeblír
Starts at The Last Homely House
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.7W]
Ends with Celeblír
Quest Group Mission: Further Adventures
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'We have found no sign that Bilbo travelled south. That is a relief, for it appears Elrond's concern may not be warranted. Our hobbit may not have followed in the footsteps of that secret company.

'If he did not travel south... did he journey north?'


There is no shortage of adventure out there for a curious and wandering hobbit. What has Bilbo Baggins gotten up to now?

Objective 1

Your mission is to find Bilbo Baggins. Speak to Celeblír to continue the search!

Objective 2

Celeblír is west of the Last Homely House, near the Town Crier.

Celeblír: 'At last we are making some progress, <name>, and may have picked up Bilbo's trail! But where does that trail lead?'