Quest:Instance: Heirloom of Khazad-dûm

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Instance: Heirloom of Khazad-dûm
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Greith
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [7.3S, 106.0W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Rune-keeper
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Heirloom of Khazad-dûm
"The words of Galadriel before her Mirror surface in your memory...."


You have unlocked a door in Khazad-dûm that has remained sealed for more than a thousand years.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Greith in the central chamber

Greith is in the central chamber, by the tremendous geode.

Objective 2

  • Search the northern chamber
Greith: 'I cannot believe what we have found, <name>! This must be the Chamber of Machurful, long believed forever lost! It was a place for the keeping powerful rune-stones and the secrets of their use, but none still living knew where to find it! Before Moria fell into ruin, the most talented of rune-keepers might have known its location, but they are all long dead.
'Ah, I understand. The door locks from the outside, for the secrets contained within the Chamber might be put to deadly use. Machurful must have been sealed when Durin died, and the key lost.'
Greith says: 'You search the northern chamber, and I will inspect the central room.'
Bodies lie in the northern chamber, but the shelves are undisturbed

Objective 3

  • Search the room to the east
Greith: 'I found a tablet of stone by the geode, <name>, and it bears writing on its face. It appears to be a list of rune-keepers who served in the Chamber of Machurful. None of the names are familiar to me, save one: Thrótrun.
'She was a rune-keeper of great renown, and many lessons of the art can be traced to her teachings. Thrótrun lived in Khazad-dûm during the time of Durin, but none knew of her fate. It was believed she perished during the fall of Moria, and it seems that is the case after all.'
Greith scratches at his beard.
'This list of rune-keepers has a solemn feel about it. The carving of runes takes time, even for a skilled artisan. I think this list was made to mark their deaths.'
Greith says, "There is a room to the east. You should search there, <name>."
Dwarves died here but there is no sign of Orc-kind in these rooms

Objective 4

  • Search the southern chamber and return to Greith
Greith: 'You found the skeleton of dwarves, but no orc or goblin remains? I begin to worry that the rune-keepers fought among themselves, <name>. By Durin's name I hope it is not so.
'I have found more of Thrótrun's writings and it may help us to understand what happened here. It seems that the rune-keepers were sealed away in the Chamber for their own protection. None knew the extent of what was happening. They believed that the shaking in the earth would not last; they did not know Moria would fall into darkness for a thousand years.
'She writes of a dwarf named Orthvord, who took the key to Machurful and swore to keep it safe. He vowed he would return when the trouble had passed and let the rune-keepers out. But he never came back. Throtrun writes that some of the others despaired, but she never told them what she believed in her heart: that Orthvord was slain, and the key was taken.
'She was right, and eventually the key came into evil hands, but the one who took it did not know the door it unlocked. The key was taken into Mordor, and the rune-keepers were forgotten.'
Greith says, "One chamber remains. Explore the room to the south, and I will keep searching here."
  • Search the southern chamber and return to Greith
This passage is blocked by fallen stones
A blast of warm air, and you turn to stare into yellow eyes.
You speak words of power, but still the eyes stare out of the darkness, unafraid.
Greith says, "<name>, what is that?"
Grotcleaver falls, last resident of Machurful
Greith says, "Well-fought, my bold friend!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Greith

The Key of the Forgotten has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption.

Greith: 'Throtrun and the rune-keepers could not leave the Chamber of Machurful, but I wonder if something managed to get in: an ancestor of the great beast that attacked us?'
Greith sighs heavily and strokes his beard.
'Perhaps it would give them some joy, if they could see it, to know that the door was eventually opened. Would they be glad to know they are remembered, even too late? I hope so, <name>, I hope so'
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of Khazad-dûm
Collected the Key of the Forgotten