Quest:Instance: Bane of the Elvenking

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Instance: Bane of the Elvenking
Level 115
Type Solo only
Starts with Auto bestowed
Starts at Torech Emel
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [20.7N, 45.5W]
Ends with King Thranduil
Ends at Torech Emel
End Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [21.9N, 45.4W]
Quest Group The Lay of Rust and Rime
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Bane of the Elvenking
"At last, Iphantemel has been revealed by the receding darkness of Eryn Lasgalen, and now the remnants of her brood grow thinner with each passing day. For her gluttony and weakness, they have abandoned her to her fate, but now I fear they heed the call of one even greater: Ungwetári!"


Despite uncovering evidence that the Weeping Warrior still lurks within Eryn Lasgalen, King Thranduil has turned his attention to his hated foe of old: Iphantemel.

Objective 1

King Thranduil is standing in Torech Emel.

You have come to Torech Emel to confront and defeat the Great Spider, Iphantemel. You should talk to King Thranduil.

King Thranduil: 'It is quiet here, <name>, and I take no comfort in it.
'Iphantemel's brood has lessened in size of late, but it is still enough to overcome the unwary. My scouts have pressed onward deeper into Torech Emel, and I warned them to tread softly in Iphantemel's lair. Let us hope they have done as I have bidden, or we may soon find ourselves outnumbered.
'Let us move to join them, but remain on guard. Iphantemel's children lurk in their hiding places, and we may rouse them with careless steps....'

Objective 2

King Thranduil is at Torech Emel.

King Thranduil intends to confront the Old Mother, but he is unnerved by the lack of spiders at Torech Emel. You should follow him and remain on guard.

King Thranduil says, "Come, <name>...."
King Thranduil says, "The air of this place is fouled with Iphantemel's blight. She cannot be far...."
King Thranduil says, "Hold."
King Thranduil says, "It is safe to press on, but we must step carefully...."
King Thranduil says, "Iphantemel is called the Old Mother in the Common Tongue, but she cares not for her children, many as they are...."
King Thranduil says, "It was Iphantemel's unquenchable thirst for the sap of Greenwood the Great that first drew her hither, but it did not sate her."
King Thranduil says, "In the mind of Iphantemel, the forest was to be hers to feast upon, and soon she and her children came to Caras Tilion."
King Thranduil says, "My kin and I repelled the broods of Iphantemel for five years, but such a defence could not hold."
King Thranduil says, "When at last Legolas discovered the caves that would become Felegoth, I knew the time had come."
King Thranduil says, "Iphantemel and her children overran the slopes beneath Caras Tilion, and I commanded my people to flee to our new fastness."
King Thranduil says, "At once, Iphantemel was upon me! As the battle wore on, I was stung, but I dealt her a grievous wound before my retreat."
King Thranduil says, "Alas, it was not enough...."
King Thranduil says, "Many did not live to see the splendour of Felegoth, but those that survived shall never forget the fall of Caras Tilion."
King Thranduil says, "Long has she eluded us, but Iphantemel's evil will be ended at last this day."
King Thranduil says, "It is not far now. Let us hasten our pace!"
King Thranduil says, "We have arrived unharmed. Has Iphantemel revealed herself?"
One of King Thranduil's scouts stands watch at the edge of a thickly-webbed hollow...

Objective 3

  • Listen to King Thranduil and his scout
  • King Thranduil must not be defeated

King Thranduil's scout is speaking to him.

Elf says, "King Thranduil, we have found her!"
Elf says, "Iphantemel dwells in a small cavern ahead, but she has sent none of her children against us."
Elf says, "I do not understand it!"
King Thranduil beckons you over...
King Thranduil says, "<name>, to me!"

Objective 4

King Thranduil is at Torech Emel.

You have come to a webbed hollow in Torech Emel and learned that Iphantemel dwells in the nearby cavern. You should talk to King Thranduil.

King Thranduil: 'Iphantemel's brood once spread throughout all of Mirkwood, blighting the lands from here to the distant Scuttledells. And now, it seems they have left it in silence.
'How can this be? What has happened?'

Objective 5

  • Repel the spider ambush in Torech Emel
  • King Thranduil must not be defeated

You are being attacked by Iphantemel's spiders in Torech Emel.

King Thranduil says, "Do you feel that?"
King Thranduil says, "They come! To arms!"
The ground shifts beneath your feet as Iphantemel's children attack!
King Thranduil says, "Hold fast! More will soon be upon us!"
King Thranduil says, "Iphantemel must not escape us again! Bring them down!"
A bubbling hiss rises through the air, and at once, Iphantemel's children cease their attack!

Objective 6

King Thranduil is standing in the webbed hollow in Torech Emel.

You have repelled an attack by the children of Iphantemel, but it seems the Old Mother may have called off her children.

King Thranduil: 'I do not understand, <name>....
'Has Iphantemel called off her own children? She must know her doom comes, so why does she surrender?
'I must see her with my own eyes. Let us press on!'

Objective 7

  • Confront Iphantemel
  • King Thranduil must not be defeated

Iphantemel can be found in a small cavern in Torech Emel.

Iphantemel has called off her children and awaits King Thranduil.

King Thranduil says, "I do not trust this respite, <name>, but the time has come to seek Iphantemel."
King Thranduil says, "Let us go."
King Thranduil says, "Tread carefully. Iphantemel's webs grow thicker...."
King Thranduil says, "What has become of you, Iphantemel? Why have you allowed me to come forth?"
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "Ah...I remember you, Elvenking..."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "Come to claim your vengeance upon me at last? Take it then."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "My time is ended... and my children have abandoned me."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "Ungwetári has called us to Her in the south...but I cannot make such a journey."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "My legs are weak beneath me, and my body is ravaged with illness."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "Whether it is by your hand or not, my death comes soon."
Iphantemel, the Old Mother says, "Do what you wish, Elvenking. It matters not."
King Thranduil says, "You were once a great foe of my people, Iphantemel, so consider this the only mercy I offer."
Iphantemel's massive form falls lifeless to the ground...

Objective 8

King Thranduil is at Torech Emel.

After threatening King Thranduil, the bloated and sickly Iphantemel welcomed her own end. You should talk to King Thranduil.

King Thranduil: 'My long hunt for vengeance is finally ended, but it rings hollow.
'Iphantemel was once a great foe of my people...and it was she who first darkened the eaves of the Greenwood. Yet now, she merely awaited her own death...almost welcoming it.'
Thranduil pauses for a moment and seems uneasy.
'She spoke a name I have not heard in over an Age, but I sensed that you knew it well. Ungwetári, the Spider-queen....
'In truth, Iphantemel was but one of her children. If Ungwetári has summoned all the spiders of her brood back to the shadowed caverns of the Ephel Dúath, we have much still to fear.
'Let us go from this place, <name>.'
King Thranduil: 'While Ungwetári still lives, Iphantemel's death shall bring me little comfort. Let us go.'