Quest:Trouble Under the Mountain

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Trouble Under the Mountain
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with King Thorin III
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Quest Group The Lay of Rust and Rime
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Hail, <name>!

'I am pleased that you have returned, but I cannot speak so merrily of other matters in Erebor. There is dissent amongst Durin's Folk, and it has not been well-concealed. The defeat of Vethúg Wintermind has done much to stir the hearts of my people and whispers persist of an expedition to Thikil-gundu. I am certain I was not meant to hear such treacherous plotting, but I have... and from the very seat of my throne!

'You were present among my kinsfolk when I issued the edict forbidding an expedition to the Grey Mountains. Did I not speak sternly and decisively?'

You assure King Thorin III that he left no room for misinterpretation in his edict.

'I thought not. Why then do they speak of such things so recklessly?'

King Thorin III pauses and begins to stroke his beard.

'Speak to my kinsfolk, <name>. I would be curious to know how far this talk has spread.'


After King Thorin Stonehelm issued an edict forbidding expeditions into the Grey Mountains, whispers have started that some of Durin's Folk intend to defy him.

Objective 1

  • Question Dwarves of Erebor concerning the rumoured expedition to Thikil-gundu (0/8)

Dwarves can be found throughout Erebor.

King Thorin has asked you to question the Dwarves of Erebor regarding rumours he has heard of a new expedition forming against his will to reclaim Thikil-gundu, the Steel Keep.

Questioning ...
Dwarf says, "Nonsense! The King Under the Mountain has spoken, and that is that."
Dwarf says, "I think King Thorin will change his mind. Vethúg pillaged the hoards of Durin's Folk! It is our right to take back what is ours!"
Dwarf says, "Humph! We of Durin's Folk would be wise to heed the words of the King Under the Mountain."
Dwarf says, "I heard whispering about Thikil-gundu the other night. Not that I have any interest!"
Dwarf says, "If it did not mean defying the King Under the Mountain, I too would consider the journey to the Grey Mountains."
Dwarf says, "Aye! I have heard talk of reclaiming Thikil-gundu, but it is folly. Have we not learned from our failure in Moria?"
Dwarf says, "I had not heard such rumours, but think of all the treasure that was left behind!"
Dwarf says, "Bah! There is enough work to be done here in Erebor! The King was wise to forbid such an expedition."
Questioned Dwarves of Erebor concerning the rumoured expedition to Thikil-gundu (8/8)

Objective 2

King Thorin III can be found before this throne in the Hall Under the Mountain.

You have questioned many dwarves of Erebor concerning rumours of a forbidden expedition to Thikil-gundu. You should inform King Thorin III of what you learned.

King Thorin III: 'Ah, <name>! What tidings have you of these treacherous rumours?'
You inform King Thorin III that many of the Dwarves of Erebor have heeded his edict concerning Thikil-gundu, but a few whisper in secret of defying the King Under the Mountain and seeking the Steel Keep.
'No, I will not allow it. The edict I issued stands, and it shall do so for as long as I am King Under the Mountain. Who could have started these whispers? Do my kinsfolk not remember the loss of Balin's expedition? Do they not see that the Iron Garrison fared no better? Whether we can reclaim the Steel Keep for days, years, or centuries before succumbing matters not to me; too much blood has been shed seeking what was lost. Erebor is the home of Durin's Folk. That is that!
'Dori has been quiet since Vethúg came to Erebor, but I know him to be a particularly adventurous dwarf. Before I can put this matter to rest, I would know if Dori has found himself struggling to heed my edict... or worse, if he has sown the seeds of a new expedition in the minds of those seeking adventure.
'I hear Dori has been hunting among the foothills of Erebor, but I hope he has not gone far. Speak to him on my behalf, <name>, and learn if he knows the source of these rumours.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Dori outside Erebor

Dori can be found somewhere outside Erebor.

King Thorin III has asked you to speak to Dori and learn what he knows of the rumoured expedition to Thikil-gundu.

Dori: 'It is a fine day, <name>. What brings you here?'
You tell Dori that rumours of a forbidden expedition to Thikil-gundu have begun to spread throughout Erebor, and that King Thorin Stonehelm wished to learn the source of these rumours.
'Hah! If only it were me! I have heard these whispers, but such an expedition is not for me. My quest was for Erebor, and that is enough. Neither I nor any proud Longbeard would admit when our days of adventuring draw near to their end, but I am not the young dwarf I was when I fought alongside Thorin Oakenshield. You should return to the King Under the Mountain and assure him that I will heed his words.
'Ah, but I wonder....'
Dori furrows his brow.
'Nori had several visitors when last I travelled to his home in Erebor. It was a strange thing for so many to have business with the Keeper of the Coffers, and they did not seem keen on speaking after I arrived. Nori is a dutiful dwarf, but I wonder if those dwarves have something to do with the rumours.
'Nori often visits the eastern halls around Erebor. Find my brother, and ask him about those dwarves. That should ease the mind of the King Under the Mountain!'

Objective 4

Nori can be found within the eastern keep outside Erebor.

Dori has asked you to speak to Nori regarding unusual visitors to the coffers of Erebor.

Nori is nowhere to be found, but a missive has been pinned to the door...

Objective 5

Nori's missive is pinned to the door of one of the eastern keeps of Erebor.

You have not found Nori, but you discovered a missive pinned to the door of the eastern keep. You should take it.

You take Nori's missive off the door, and you should now read it

Objective 6

  • Read Nori's missive

You have taken Nori's missive and should now read it.

The Lost Hoards: Dori,
When last you came to my home and met my companions, it became clear that my intentions could no longer remain hidden. I now lead them into the Grey Mountains and onward to the halls of Thikil-gundu. It is not Thikil-gundu that I seek to reclaim, but rather the treasure-hoards of Durin's Folk that were lost in the fall. I do not doubt the King Under the Mountain chose his words carefully, and he spoke of increasing the wealth of Erebor as a matter of chief importance. After the failure of the Iron Garrison, what better source of wealth can be found than within our delving of old in the Grey Mountains? The King Under the Mountain forbade such an expedition, and it is clear that I will not be welcomed back to Erebor as a hero of Durin's Folk even if my quest succeeds. You have always been the more adventurous one, brother. I hope that you understand where others may not. For Erebor!
Nori has led a small company of dwarves into the Grey Mountains to reclaim the treasures of Thikil-gundu!

Objective 7

  • Talk to King Thorin III

King Thorin III can be found before his throne in the Hall Under the Mountain.

You have discovered that Nori and a small company of dwarves set out for the Grey Mountains against the will of King Thorin III. You should inform King Thorin of what has happened.

King Thorin III: 'What had Dori to say of these rumours?'
You inform King Thorin III that Dori had no intention of defying his edict, but his brother Nori did so without his knowing. You tell King Thorin III that Nori absconded in the night with a small company of dwarves and seeks to reclaim Thikil-gundu from the dragons and Orcs of the Grey Mountains. You offer Nori's missive to King Thorin III.
'No! I would have expected such boldness from Dori, but from Nori? Never! He is the keeper of Erebor's coffers! He is a sensible dwarf! Or so I thought....'
King Thorin III face flushes, and he seems at once determined.
'I care not for his reasons. Nori's fate is his own, and may whatever fate befalls his company weigh heavy upon him. I will not risk the lives of Durin's Folk to rescue him from such a terrible and treacherous mistake.
'Naught lays before him but rust and rime. So be it.'