Quest:Easterlings in the Dale-lands

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Easterlings in the Dale-lands
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Dagrun
Starts at Lake-town: The Master's Manor
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.3N, 26.8W]
Ends with Erna
Ends at Dale Great-keep
End Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [25.1N, 25.1W]
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain Trail of Rust
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'From what you say, there can be no doubt that this Easterling - Utûkel - was one of the Jangovar who recently assailed the folk of this valley.

'Though the remnant of that army lingers on the far shore of the Long Lake, the brunt of their campaign was against Dale, where the crown of our people is seated. We would be remiss if we did not send word of this to the young king there.

'And what better emissary could be found than you, <name>? Yes, I think you had better go and tell them what you have learned. You will want to find the Great-keep, in the north part of Dale.'


The young king in Dale will want to know that a Jangovar was instigating rumours and making plans to claim Smaug's bones in Laketown.

Objective 1

The city of Dale can be found north of Lake-town in the Dale-lands.

You should travel to Dale.

Fresh-cut stone and the smell of sawn lumber tell a tale of rebuilding after much destruction and strife

Objective 2

You should find King Bard II, who can be found in the Great-keep in the north part of Dale.

The young king stands before his throne, his family by his side

Objective 3

You should continue assisting King Bard II in Dale.

The Trail of Rust quest arc will continue after completing the Refugees in Dale quest arc which begins with King Bard II in Dale.

Completed: A Stern Lesson

Objective 4

You should talk to Erna, who can be found in the Great-keep in Dale.

Bryn: 'I've had enough of your kind of help, <race>. Speak to my brother or mother if you must hold your nose so high up in the air.'
Erna: 'After careful consideration, we have decided to allow the Dorwinion and Chayasír who seek refuge into the city. Some have chosen to remain in their camps across the river, and this, too, we shall permit.
'My concern is for those we have welcomed within our walls, however. Will you go among them and see they are faring well, and being treated as guests should be?'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Dorwinion and Chayasír in Dale (0/5)

The Easterling refugees can be found throughout Dale.

You should speak with the Dorwinion and Chayasír Easterlings who have come within Dale's walls.

Sûtokh: 'I judge from your dress that you have known battle and have journeyed far. Am I right? The Chayasír journey too, even before we fled the devastation in Rhûn, but battle we have shunned, unlike the Jangovar, with their lies of killing glory and red-eyed gods!
'Me? I am a humble mender of clothes. Dale have shown themselves to be no Jangovar, and I would gladly give my talents to them.'
Ampélla: 'Before I fled my home, I farmed the land. Oh, how dry the soil was there. Hard work it was, farming that soil! But we knew many tricks, we did, to make things grow. I look in wonder on this green land with its running water! Still, I bet you I might teach these farmers a few of my tricks all the same.'
Tâja: 'A darkness came in the East, and it was no longer safe there. So I took my children with me and we fled, side by side with so many others. I am weary beyond belief, and my heart cries out every time I think what my children have come through. And yet it also cries with joy that I still have them with me.
'I will make a new life here and travel no more, if the people of Dale allow it.'
Bâbur: 'I am a worker and carver of wood. We Chayasír come to these lands hoping for a new life. How happy I would be to carve and work wood for the people of Dale.'
Bótro: 'At last Dale helps us and lets us within its walls. I say we should do what we can to help them, little though it be. Me, myself, I have always cared for animals. Why, in my home, far away, the farmers would bring whatever old hounds or young calves were sick, and I would look after them.
'If there are any animals that need looking after in Dale, I offer my help.'
Talked to a refugee (5/5)

Objective 6

  • Reassure concerned Dale-folk (0/5)

You should reassure the concerned Dale-folk that they are not in danger from the Easterling refugees.

Calming ... Calmed
Reassured concerned Dale-folk (5/5)

Objective 7

  • Comfort distressed Dorwinions (0/5)

Distressed Dorwinions can be found in Dale.

You should comfort Dorwinions, still in shock from the devastation in the east and the difficulties of acceptance from some of those in the city of Dale.

Calming ... Calmed
Comforted distressed Dorwinion (5/5)

Objective 8

You should talk to Queen Regent Erna, who can be found within the Great-keep in Dale.

Bryn: 'I hope these Easterlings leave soon. I certainly do not welcome them here.'
Bart II: 'Many of the Chayasír and Dorwinion lost their homes in Rhûn. They are strong to be able to lose everything and carry on. I do not think I would be able to do that if I lost Dale.'
Erna: 'We have done all we can, for now, I think, for these poor peoples from Rhûn. I hope many of them will make this place their home, and that we shall come to grow together as flowers in a field.'