Quest:The Underbelly of Deceit

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The Underbelly of Deceit
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Dagrun
Starts at Lake-town: The Master's Manor
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.3N, 26.8W]
Ends with Auto-complete
Ends at Lake-town
End Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.1N, 26.5W]
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain Trail of Rust
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is not enough to prove my true bloodline. Someone has been planting these rumours - I know, because I have found this.'

She waves a piece of paper in front of you, with the claims of her kinship with Othur written out on it.

'Please, I ask you to track down those who seek to wrongly discredit me and tear down as many of these awful notices as you can find!'


Someone has been posting notices in Lake-town, making false claims such as those about Dagrun's bloodline.

Objective 1

  • Remove slanderous notices (0/12)

Discrediting notices can be found around Lake-town.

You should find and remove any slanderous notices that you come across.

SLANDEROUS NOTICE "A posted pamphlet of lies, attempting to discredit Dagrun."
Removing notice ...
Removed slanderous notice (12/12)

Objective 2

Suspicious characters can be found around Lake-town.

You should find suspicious characters in Lake-town who look to be putting up the slanderous notices.

Dispersing crowd ... The crowd wanders off
Dispersed crowd (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Find the briber

Someone in Lake-town is bribing people to spread rumours. You should find the briber.

The briber flees but tears his gold pouch in the process!

Objective 4

  • Follow the trail of coins


  • Confront the briber

The briber in Lake-town has accidentally left a trail of coins behind him.

You should follow the trail of coins to catch the briber.

COINS "Dropped coins."
The coins mark a clear-enough path!
The briber was taking orders from an Easterling!
Utûkel says, "Akshir wanted those bones yesterday! Now you have paid the price!"

Objective 5

Utûkel can be found in Lake-town's Underbelly.

You should defeat the one behind the slanderous gossip in Lake-town.

Utûkel says, "You should not have crossed Akshir! He will kill you for this!"
Your mighty blow defeated Utûkel.
You notice something nearby the defeated Easterling

Objective 6

  • Examine the thing

You should examine what you noticed lying near the defeated Easterling, Utûkel, in Lake-town's Underbelly.

RUST "Another strange spot of rust."
A pile of rust, just like the one you found in Esgaroth-of-old!

Objective 7

  • Completed

Put a stop to the slanderous gossip in Lake-town.

Remote Quest Advance: You have defeated Utûkel and put a stop to the slanderous gossip in Lake-town. Seeing the same pile of rust in both Esgaroth-of-old and the underbelly of Lake-town has made you wonder if there is some connection between the two groups of evil men operating in the Dale-lands. It would seem this Akshir, whoever he is, may be behind it all!