Item:Flame of Ancalamír

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Flame of Ancalamír
  • Bind On Acquire
  • "Unlike the Silithair of old, the adamants of Ancalamír were used for unravelling the enchantments from pieces of equipment. The residue could then be used for fashioning items of improved quality."
  • Worth: 17 Silver 40 Copper 

Item Information

The Flame of Ancalamír can be used to disenchant certain items into other items. These items are identified by their tooltips and also listed in the category Disenchantable Items.

Right-clicking on the Flame of Ancalamír will highlight disenchantable items in your inventory. Right-clicking on a disenchantable item will then yield the materials listed on its tooltip (see Tooltip Gallery below). The Flame of Ancalamír is not consumed when used; it remains in your inventory and can be used repeatedly. Using the Flame of Ancalamír on a stack of items will disenchant the entire stack. If the target item of the Flame is a barter item, then

  • if the disenchantment is successful, it will go directly into the wallet
  • if disenchantment is unsuccessful, the most likely causes are
    • the item is locked in inventory, and will need to be unlocked first, or
    • the disenchantment would cause the currency in question to exceed the cap for the currency. In this case, a message will be generated You do not have enough room to do that.

The Flame of Ancalamír was introduced with the Mordor expansion to disenchant gear found in Mordor into Ash of Gorgoroth (also referred to as Ashes of Enchantment) and in Update 23 these became motes of enchantment as part of an overall currency revamp. The function of the Flame has slowly expanded to include uses such as disenchanting for crafting materials, certain cosmetic items into figments of splendour, and disenchanting items from present or former legendary item systems.

This item was given to every character with Update 30.3. Under certain conditions, newly-created characters will get the Flame

This item is sold by the following vendors.

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