Descendant of the Mearas

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The Descendant of the Mearas is a horse that suddenly appears in Eriador, no one knowing from whence it came or why. Characters of all classes may engage in its adventures until it eventually finds its way to its ancestors.

  • Completing the deed Discovering the Descendant will make available two final quests in which this horse eventually will meet a most legendary horse. Then it become clear that this horse indeed is a "Descendant of the Mearas" and it was coming from lands far away from where it first appeared.

Horse (Combe)

Image of Horse
Race Horse
Region Bree-land
Settlement Combe
Map Ref [28.6S, 49.5W]

A Horse is found at the stables in Combe, in Bree-land, just behind the Stable-master. Earn his trust and he will be your loyal companion and follow you to Hengstacer Farm.

Horse (Hengstacer Farm)

A Horse is found at Hengstacer Farm. If you earned his trust in Combe, he will prove to be your loyal companion for many adventures ahead. [22.1S, 52.0W]

Quest Involvement

Discovering the Descendant

  1. [5] New Arrival in Combe
  2. [5] Earning Trust
  3. [5] Worse for Wear
  4. [5] Proof of Trust

One normal and one session quest (repeatable, selected at random from the lists below) are offered each day

Normal Quests Session Play

Upon completion of the Discovering the Descendant deed:

Session-play Skills

Buff Skills
 Galloping Flight
 Free to Trot
Melee Skills
 Rearing Stomp
 Back Kick


The Descendant at Hengstacer Farm [22.1S, 52.0W]
Shadowfax and Gandalf in the Wold in session play


The horse, quests, and deeds became available in June 2012 to players who pre-ordered the Riders of Rohan expansion.

This "series" was designed to introduce the player community to various concepts of Mounted Combat... and more especially to the capabilities and lore of the of the War-steed when it was to be introduced later with the release of the Riders of Rohan expansion.

Different capabilities were experimental but were not carried forward when Riders of Rohan was released.