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Below is the category list of items with Essences

Socketed Armour

Socketed Armour Pop-up
  • Socketed Armor starts at level 50
  • Early dropped armor usually has the name Nadhin (for all levels), which can be confusing since a level 60 piece of armor will have the exact same name as a level 100.
  • When you acquire your first piece of socketed armour, you will receive a pop-up stating:
"You have acquired a piece of socketed armour. If you find an Essence that has a usage level that is less than or equal to your socketed armour, you can apply the Essence to the armour and gain its stats. Choose wisely, because Essences may only be removed by using an Essence Reclamation Scroll."

Essence Pop-up
  • When you click on an Essence, you will be presented with a pop-up similar to that for Legendary Items, listing those Items of Armour which are eligible to receive the Essence you clicked on. Select the piece of armour, and click apply.
Now, when you mouse-over that piece of armour, you will see the stats associated with that Essence displayed on the Armour's tool-tip.
Shoes of Eldacar

Level 50-101 Nadhin Armor

Between Player Level 50-100 essence armor is dropped but its super rare. All armor types of all levels have the same name, so its difficult to record on the wiki.
Below is an imcomplete sample list:

Armor Level Mob or Creature Instance or Location
 Light Nadhin Gauntlets 50 Armoured Moria Troll Lothlórien
 Medium Nadhin Gauntlets 77 Vicious Wold Warg The Wold
 Medium Nadhin Shoulders 101 Elite Master creatures Gondor and up

Level 100 Dol Amroth Essence Armor

These Quartermasters barter for slotted armour

Level 100 North Ithilien Essence Armour

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