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Quest Corrections

Hi Starbursty, I was wondering why the Quest:Calengad Remained was marked for deletion, which other page has the correct info? --Goingbald 02:43, 4 January 2011 (EST)
Moved the relevant correct info to the correctly named quest Calenglad Remained. I probably should have deleted the info from "Calengad" one but there were two quests that were the same but with different names "Calengad" and "Calenglad". So I just moved the info from "Calengad" to the correctly named "Calenglad" while tagging the wrongly named and outdated "Calengad" one for deletion. Starbursty 06:25, 4 January 2011 (EST)
Hi, I've deleted Quest:Calengad Remained, as requested. I'm now wondering about the chain Quest:Rise of the Orcs, Quest:An Orc Messenger, Quest:War-master Uzorr & Quest:Retake Weathertop, these are now all removed in the game? If so, to remove from Candaith's page too? --Goingbald 02:24, 5 January 2011 (EST)
Found the book chain while cleaning the wikified images (Item:Rigul's Bane in fact), previous ones deleted, to replace on Candaith's page I guess now. --Goingbald 03:05, 5 January 2011 (EST)
I'm working on it :-D Starbursty 05:21, 5 January 2011 (EST)


Good to see someone else who gets irked by trivial capitalization issues, hahahah. ;) Sethladan 01:45, 7 February 2011 (EST)

And on an unrelated note - you're going to hate me for this - what do you think about putting crafting recipes and the recipe items on separate pages? See Stout Dourhand for why I think this may be a good(?) idea. Of course, the recipes linked in the Dourhand's lootbox are probably incorrect anyway, and dropped recipes tend to be world drops that wouldn't really need to be included on any specific mob's drop table...right? Sethladan 15:10, 7 February 2011 (EST)

Crafting Tools

I think you might be going by an old version of the recipes; I checked on a character created within the past couple months and all the tier 4 tools had both words capitalized, and a more specific effect description: File:Example.png Eggolass 18:54, 2 March 2011 (EST)

Lore-master Talisman recipes

Crafting section question. I've just spent a while creating separate pages for the myriad of Jeweller talisman recipes that are repeated on different tiers, but I'm unhappy with the amount of parenthetical (Tier Name) descriptors I've had to put on the recipes' item names, not to mention that all the item pages will need separate links. It wouldn't be that difficult at this point to revert what I've done -- what's your opinion on the situation? Rubyctook 21:41, 3 March 2011 (EST)

New multi-output recipes

Since I've been (slowly) working on the Tailor index, which still needs a fair amount of work, I've started to change the indexes to reflect the new multi-output recipes. I see that you're starting to do the same with the Metalsmith index, and that you deleted the old 'Elven xx', 'Dwarf-make xx' recipes. I was going to ask what to do with the parallel tailor recipes, but if it's okay to delete them, I'll do so. My remaining question is about some of the items themselves that can no longer be crafted, but at least for the next few weeks, will be largely prevalent in-game. (i.e. I'm wearing a Resplendent Robe of Lothlorien, but now the recipe is multi-output and yields xx Resplendent Robe of Lothlorien) When the recipes that created them are deleted and they're removed from the index, should they be deleted as well or marked (Old)? If you feel this belongs on a different discussion page, feel free to move it. Apologies, it's late and I hope that was sufficiently coherent. Rubyctook 03:45, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Woodworker/Scholar Icon changes

I see that you're starting the icon consolidation, that's great. (Especially the banner icons and the Champion horn icons!) Unfortunately, as I discovered earlier (should've posted right away, now it's too late), the Woodworker parchment, battle hymns, and captain crests now have specific icons to each recipe -- well, until Journeyman. (I think it's a case of unfinished patch changes.) I haven't checked my Scholar for similar changes, but I know the at least the focus and fervour potions have had their icons similarly changed (at least at Master and Supreme). Thankfully, looks like the Captain potions still share the same icon at all tiers. Ditto for Warden carvings, Burglar implements, and crafted legendaries (and Champion horns). Oh, and if you could outline the process (don't want to make a mess, hah, and redirecting images is still a bit complicated to me), the farming icons could be massively cut. All the fair pipe-weed crops have the exact same icon, for a start. Rubyctook 03:18, 24 March 2011 (EDT)

Progress Bar images

One of our users uses those images for her character progress: User:Mszucsik/Pixelz Truecolor. Updates the progress so has all progress from 0-100 or whatever images. Rogue 01:55, 31 March 2011 (EDT)

Icon Reuse

Hi, we're trying to reduce icons mainly in armour & weapons, but it would be good to apply to any other item having the same icon, would it be possible to have a single icon used in all skirmish tokens? I already see 40 duplicates of the same! :) --Goingbald 12:58, 9 April 2011 (EDT)

Quite possibly. There are the regular versions and the veteran versions for marks. -- Starbursty 13:25, 9 April 2011 (EDT)

-icon Issues

Hey, just thought of a way to make the crafting template work regardless of -icon being there or not. I'll try to work out the details tomorrow (I think it can be done using (#ifexist...) if you want to try it yourself), but I figured I'd give you a heads-up because I know you have better things to do than deleting 50,000 "-icons." Sethladan 00:14, 10 April 2011 (EDT)

Icon Re-use

Can you make a page that shows different types of icons? That way, we can easily refer to those that we can re-use. -- Starbursty 18:37, 11 April 2011 (EDT)

Type of skirmish mobs

Hey, saw you've been busy adding some stats of skirmish mobs, hurray! Just reminding you not to forget to add the type (normal, signature, elite etc.). You can see the type of a mob without inspecting it; just check what the ring around the portrait frame looks like. Examples on how to recognize them are found at the Creatures page. --Ravanel (talk) 06:55, 5 August 2011 (EDT)

Yup security changes

Hello Goingbald,

I've added an SSL Cert for the login process. I assume if you login to one page, you should be able to open up the others unless opera sandboxes each tab. Perhaps you can resave the tabs to work around this? Let me know what you uncover, I've been looking for the trick that wikipedia uses to offer the options or secure login vs the setting now which fully requires it.

--01:30, 24 August 2011 (EDT)

Icon Consolidation

Hi mate - I see you deleting tons of icons for replacing with generics...but the icons are still linked on the respective pages (Item:Exquisite Elven Hunter's Gloves and Item:Fine Dwarf-make Hunter's Gloves are the two I just looked at). Not sure if you're going on a deleting spree and then redirecting, but since you've gone through about 200 by now, I was getting a little nervous. :-P Sethladan 20:33, 1 September 2011 (EDT)

Tailor Crafting Index/Outputs

Hey, thanks for picking up where I left off on the tailor recipe index. I am finally back in the swing of things, and I was going to work on it this weekend - but you're so efficient there's almost nothing left to do! :) Question is: I see that the Master level recipes still need all the outputs (or most) updated to the current stats/quality etc. I could do that this weekend, but if you're going to work on it too, I'll go straight to the Malledhrim Metalsmith recipes (finally got the last of the screens for those). Don't want to accidently double up on work. No rush, but if you're going to work on it, just give me a heads up and I'll stay out, heh. Rubyctook (talk) 13:02, 16 September 2011 (EDT)

Both your first and the second suggestions sound good. I'll do the light armour - and being able to copy and paste those will be much quicker, thanks! Rubyctook (talk) 19:44, 16 September 2011 (EDT)
I've done all the light Master Tailor armour now (thanks for filling in the extra outputs on Padded Pristine - hard to find those) - with the exception of Stout Pristine Robe, since the recipe is apparently almost never auctioned on my server. If you have the data for that, the Padded Pristine Robe has been updated and you could c&p from that. I'll keep looking, though. The medium Master armour that still has yet to be created (i.e. Fine Westernesse Protector's Boots, etc.) - I have the screens for almost all of that, are you missing a few outputs? I can fill in if so. Otherwise I'll just do the Captain Armaments for Master level. Oh, and should the guild options section be added to the item boilerplate? Rubyctook (talk) 21:12, 18 September 2011 (EDT)

Cooking Recipe Names

Hi, I have a question about some of the recipe names in RoI and was told you might have some thoughts on the subject. Most recipe items leave off the quantifier word at the beginning (such as Item:Winter Barley Flour Recipe vs. Item:Cup of Winter Barley Flour) but this leads to potential conflict with two of the new cooking recipes. I created Item:Cup of Oatmeal Recipe to distinguish it from the previously-existing Item:Bowl of Oatmeal Recipe, and added a note at the bottom that they're different. There is also a new recipe for a Loaf of Barley Bread, but Item:Barley Bread Recipe already exists. It's supposedly a Bree reputation recipe, though I didn't have it on my cook. These are auto-granted recipes, so I can't fall back on matching the in-game recipe title. My thought is that the quantifier word should be included in the recipe name for items like these where it makes a difference. Elinnea (talk) 10:35, 27 September 2011 (EDT)

Hi, thanks for starting working on these, I see no problem to use the quantifier, in fact I'm now tempted to review all existing auto-granted and rename the recipes with the quantifier too! :) --Goingbald (talk) 00:41, 28 September 2011 (EDT)
I also realized that among my recipes from the Cook's guild there's one for this Loaf of Barley bread in quantity, and the official recipe name is "Loaf of Barley Bread (x3) Recipe" so now I have no compunction about titling the "Loaf of Barley Bread Recipe". Thanks! Elinnea (talk) 10:31, 29 September 2011 (EDT)

The Martial Champion.jpg

Hey, I noticed that you replaced my image of The Martial Champion traitline. Any particular reason why? It looks much better coloured if you ask me, and mine had better quality as well. Just thought I'd check before hitting the rollback button. ;) //Fingolwë (talk) 11:30, 23 November 2011 (EST)

Armour set items

Hey Goingbald. I noticed you updated the barter format on armour set items, nice. I was wondering if there would be a way to do so without removing the link to the set's name. I know it can be found somewhere in the tooltip to the right, but I think it's far neater and clearer to show it in the normal text as well. Let me hear what you think. --Ravanel (talk) 05:47, 10 December 2011 (EST)

Rep Items

Hi great Reputation-Item editor,
I would like to introduce you to Template:Reputation Item, which will simplify your (and my) life a lot. Please try to use it in the future or even update the old ones. If you have comments/suggestions or anything else to say, please say it on Template talk:Reputation Item. --EoD (talk) 12:39, 14 December 2011 (EST)


I couldn't help but notice, you were making several edits, sometimes even once per minute, and I am awed by your speed.. Good work! People like you just give me the urge to suggest a recognition program. (Not unlike wikipedia's "Barnstars".) Congratulations! --Bonzesquire (talk) 23:46, 26 February 2012 (EST)

Guild Recipes

Since Update 5.2 reduced the cooldowns on all the guild recipes, most of the improved recipe pages now have incorrect information. I've changed a few here and there, but mostly I was ignoring it and hoping that readers could round up, since I rather dreaded going through to edit all of them. Is there any way to automate that kind of thing? It would be nice, actually, if the template could recognize keywords for cooldowns like "short" "medium" and "long", so it could be left generic on each recipe and only specified numerically in one place. But that would also be a lot of work, and probably not worth it since I doubt Turbine would change the cooldowns again any time soon.

If there's no easy way to update all the pages that need it, I guess I should just wait for a lazy afternoon when I have nothing going on, and clean them all up. Or maybe I could fix a couple every day... and it might all be done in a year or two. ;) -- Elinnea (talk) 00:08, 2 March 2012 (EST)

Quest Rep

The Quest Rep template adds the page to Category:X Reputation Quests, hence it cannot be used for other pages than quests in its current form. Maybe a special parameter to avoid adding to category (as "nocat" for items, NPCS, and quests), that would be backwards compatible as quests would not be affected but we can use it for other page types.

On the other hand, I like the align-left tweak, but why not always align the icon left as it always ensures the text will flow as nicely as you and I want it to? possibly redo the tweak so that it always uses "left" unless float is specified differently. I cannot think of a case where we want the default behaviour be different that "left" as default does not do anything fancy whatsoever but is ugly for all line breaks, and we do have plenty of these. -- Zimoon (talk) 14:20, 4 March 2012 (EST)

I reverted two characters, leaving others, you may revert either mine or your edits depending on your decisions.

Oh, I should have used that other parameter doc=1 to prevent adding the category --Goingbald (talk) 14:39, 4 March 2012 (EST)
Cool, I learn something new every day ;)
Great that it existed. Did you consider what I thought about doing it the opposite, having "left" as default and only if float is specified it does something else? Actually, using "left" should (in my opinion) be default for most icons similar to Quest Rep, such as Reward. Unless there is some drawback I am unfamiliar with, is it? Zimoon (talk) 17:56, 4 March 2012 (EST)
If it floats left, text starts at top-right corner of the icon, so in a table the 2nd line will still be aligned to the right of the icon because there is enough room to start it there. If not specified, the text is vertically aligned with the icon, but would wrap under the icon if captive in a table cell, so it's nicer I think to let that as default. :) --Goingbald (talk) 18:02, 4 March 2012 (EST)
Correct, but we never know which font size a user specifies so actually we never know how the stuff we do is rendered at the reader's screen. But I have noticed that we often assume that we do ;) But OK, most users probably may not fiddle with these settings so most often the left vs. default is not a problem.
Zimoon (talk) 02:11, 5 March 2012 (EST)

Screenshots for Deletion

I was going through files to be deleted and noticed you marked the set of File:Gloves of the Glirberion.jpg and others for deletion, with a reminder note to add a deedreq parameter to the item tooltip. Was that a reminder to yourself? Do you want the images left there as a reminder or can I safely delete them? -- Elinnea (talk) 00:53, 9 March 2012 (EST)

Legendary Vendor Page

I don't know why you took away the header lines I added just a few hours ago, why? At the NPC vendor page I did they made prefect sense as the page is long and already at top a visitor sees in the TOC that for example Lore-master items are present. Are there any good reason to rob visitors of that convenience? Zimoon (talk) 20:07, 18 March 2012 (EDT)

Major revamp to the Ettenmoors coming with Riders of Rohan release

See: Talk:Ettenmoors#Major revamp to the Ettenmoors coming with Riders of Rohan release Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 19:47, 21 July 2012 (EDT)

Forcing Column Widths

Regarding your comment "Still possible to force it :)"...
I am not against forcing column or table widths, certainly not when there are several tables at one pages as the outcome of "aligned" tables and columns give a neater look and breathes quality. And some tables are transcluded to other pages and then we need to check that too. However...

If not called for I am somewhat against forcing widths. This is why: The outcome may look very nice at your screen, but it may not at another browser kind (i.e. Firefox versus MSIE versus Chrome vers...) which may treat font face and size just a tiny notch differently. This is the classic mistake so many web-page-designer-wannabes lend themselves into, "what looks nice at my screen looks nice everywhere" ;)

There are also those visitors who for one reason or another (eye problems, etc.) select the options to override our settings and use a larger font face size, another font, and only Gandalf knows what. Then a forced width is void, but even with their settings it might, but just might, look decent anyway.

Hence, unless necessary, let the reader's browser handle the layout, they do it pretty well. But again, I am not arguing with you, just reminding you that there are valid reasons also for not enforcing column widths. The fact that we can do that does not mean we must do that.

Cheers -- Zimoon (talk) 09:15, 2 August 2012 (EDT)

Forcing table width by percentage is much more portable that using pixel counts (px) or even characters widths (em or en). RingTailCat (talk) 10:40, 2 August 2012 (EDT)

Generic Icon Reference Pages

Hiya, mate. Would you have any concerns about moving our generic-icon lists (like Category talk:Gloves Icons) from the talk page to the category page? CementHold left a comment on Category talk:Rune-stone Icons and it made me go, "Hrm. We're probably not using these pages the right way." Thanks in advance! Sethladan 17:42, 6 August 2012 (EDT)

I'd support that. It willalso be one click less when looking for icons ;) -- Zimoon (talk) 18:55, 6 August 2012 (EDT)
Not at all, it may also be time to recheck these with 0, 1 or 2 items linked to the icon and if the case, rename them to the original item name because not so generic after all? :) --Goingbald (talk) 21:17, 6 August 2012 (EDT)
I guess from 2 counts as generic. The more I play the more I recognize icons from before, and if I were at Turbine I'd definitely use a finite number of generic icons than having to design thousands of them. So, I suggest caution so you don't waste the brilliant job you've put into this ;)
-- Zimoon (talk) 05:09, 7 August 2012 (EDT)
Please see the revised "Help:Crafting page.
Note that only Gloves, has no item index on its talk page.
Other than that, for the sake of "Uniformity" of Purpose on the Wiki," Yes! Emphatically yes, the contents of all those pages should be moved to the Category page from the Talk page. They could go to "some other page" but I believe the Category page makes much more sense, and begins to become "a standard" way of doing things. Not just for itemized indexes, but for much explanatory information.

By "Uniformity of Purpose on the Wiki," I mean the fact that Talk pages are intended for DISCUSSION, not information presentation.

The complication which arrises was made plain when I went to revise the Help:Crafting page.... it pointed the reader to and I quote from the pre-revision:
Template talk:Item Tooltip - Provides a cookie cutter layout of the item tooltip template used for crafted items."
Except that if you look at that page, there is nothing there of any sort of "cookie-cutter" (just a lot of very confusing "cruft.") Only if you look further back into the archive of that page do you discover that, yes, long ago, there was what is now a Boilerplate (or /doc) page present there. (And yes, Help:Crafting should have been updated long before now, as is true of many other documentation and editor information pages -- a project I started long ago -- Sigh -- Where is Stephen Hawking when you need him:) )
This change can be made fast and easily with a "cut and paste." I'll be happy to do it if no one objects. Then I can update the Help:Crafting page to match.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 12:50, 7 August 2012 (EDT)
Sounds like we're set, then. I'll copy over any that I happen across since it looks like you've already started with the gloves. Cheers! (Also, I second Zimoon; no point in "un-generic-izing" anything - you never know when an icon will come into use again down the read. :) Sethladan 16:31, 7 August 2012 (EDT)

Ellu, Summer Vendors Suggestion

I noticed your edit of Jorfi and Dodder. They are both Race Traders and that category is already within Summer Rewards Vendor NPCs and thus they should not really be in both the RT category and also in the SRV category as that becomes a direct double inclusion. However, since there are only two NPCs in the RT category we could rather use "Race Trader" as their "title", delete the RT category, and put them down into the SRV category. I guess that would be more neat in many ways. What do you think?

Technically speaking, a page should not be contained in two categories whereof one is directly included in the other. Such as a page "Colour Rose Red" should not be both in "Cat:Red Colours" and in "Cat:Colours" if also "Cat:Red Colours" is in "Cat:Colours". This has been the rule from Wiki and WikiMedia since years back. Even if they have algorithms for loop detection it is still a good practice to be as precise as possible, as long as the tighter category can justify its existence on its own merits. So, what about the RT category? Should it stay? Or should it go? .. to paraphrase Halros ;)
-- Zimoon (talk) 02:09, 30 August 2012 (EDT)

Oh sorry, I didn't noticed the category in category. Maybe have Category:Race Trader NPCs under Category:Summer Festival NPCs instead? :) --Goingbald (talk) 19:52, 30 August 2012 (EDT)
Why? The two are indeed Summer Rewards Vendor, just specialized as Race Traders. So having the more narrow category within the broader makes sense, in the same manner as having Hunter Trainers within Class Trainers. But since there are only two NPCs in Race Trader I doubt we really need that category at all. Thus I suggest we move "Race Trader" from "role" to "title" and add "Summer Rewards Vendor" to the "type1" and then delete that microscopic category. -- Zimoon (talk) 02:19, 31 August 2012 (EDT)

Scroll Cases

I think you are the correct editor to handle the higher level scroll cases that are dropped as loot. I mean in a similar manner as e.g. Item:Apprentice Scroll Case up to Item:Supreme Scroll Case.

Unless there is some very odd factor that makes certain scrolls to drop only from certain mobs, or maybe the opposite, it is better having the scroll that rules them all at the creature pages. At least that generality is exactly what the text from Item-drop implies, right? Since you know these things I kindly ask you to create the missing higher level generics, could you? Please! -- Zimoon (talk) 15:53, 9 October 2012 (EDT)

And just a thing to add to this, just in case you didn't see yet, I'm keeping a list of recipes from scrolls in one of my sandboxes, I haven't opened any of the supreme and on scrolls I have yet, though, so it might not be of much help for those. Too many scrolls, too little space :P -- Gwenwyfar (talk) 16:21, 9 October 2012 (EDT)
I'm planning to revise all scrolls & recipes eventually, I've only done the Apprentice ones so far. -- Goingbald (talk) 15:45, 15 October 2012 (EDT)

Rare creatures and respawn/replacement question

I noticed this sentence and wonder if I interpret it correct:

"These creatures all have a long respawn time. A common creature version of the rare signatures below will spawn in their place for the duration. When respawn time is complete, the common creature may need to be killed before the rare will spawn again."

I read this as "a lower-level creature of same species will take its place for the duration" but ... that does not make sense. For example, in Tâl Bruinen there is a rare brigand (I think) and he is not replaced by a common brigand, neither by a mob.

Hence, if my interpretation is correct I would suggest slim that down to "These creatures all have a long respawn time. A common creature will spawn in their place for the duration and may have to be killed before the rare can spawn again." Possibly "any common creature". But what is your opinion? Thanks in advance. -- Zimoon (talk) 15:16, 15 October 2012 (EDT)

On which page is this sentence? I think your suggestion is correct, a "respawn" point doesn't always have the same creature, but depending on the region, the choice of creature can be low. For the respawn time, I'd like to know how random it is, because it happened, while deeding, to be able to kill twice the same rare signature in a very short time! :) -- Goingbald (talk) 15:45, 15 October 2012 (EDT)
This was on one of the shard pages, but I think the text is the same on all shards. Yeah, I suggest that any creature can take its place, hence killing whatever in some area would help. If we just knew the timer, but I think the timer can differ between creatures/mobs. I was surprised the other day to find Chillgrip twice within two hours, though at the two different stated locations. Otherwise I have not run into the same mob more than once a day, either at same place or alternating spots. And some of those I read about I have never seen though using my hunter's tracking skills often. Not that it is scientifically proven but I think the timers are different, maybe depending on "how rare" the mob is, its elitism or what.
Great thanks, I can walk over those shards and fix the text tomorrow. -- Zimoon (talk) 17:32, 15 October 2012 (EDT)
Maybe have a small page where to explain this, like I did for book page drops, then transclude it in all shard pages? Also, according to the recent craft changes, these shards are supposed to be dropping from ore deposits too, so it could also be updated accordingly. :) -- Goingbald (talk) 01:07, 16 October 2012 (EDT)
Yeah, I read that, maybe less of camping certain mobs now. But on the other hand, some where fun to challenge, Gorthír for example. Rare drops are maybe less common so a template would be an overkill, but of course, it has the same cost as a small page. -- Zimoon (talk) 02:08, 16 October 2012 (EDT)


Does diff mean that Item:White Tree Trinket Recipe the recipe should be marked "obsolete" and having the "Obsolete" template too? I guess the recipe perhaps exist in some vault, but if it is no longer available I guess it is obsolete. And maybe also the resulting item. The pages do not disappear, but they are in another category. Kind of a keeping-tidy thing ;)
PS: And this too? DS. -- Zimoon (talk) 02:46, 29 October 2012 (EDT)

Yes, I've started to use the Obsolete template on old craft quest item, quest reward, recipe & the special ingredient that was needed a long time ago, I'll try to continue these soon. I'm also using nocat on item pages, should this parameter be added to the Recipe template, so the Recipe page wouldn't be listed anymore in other categories? Should define a new category "Obsolete Recipes"? -- Goingbald (talk) 02:16, 31 October 2012 (EDT)
Nice! Yes, I know we have a lot of garbage from long since, I just wondered. I am not sure about recipes and "nocat", what if somebody has learned it I guess it is always valid, right? Unless one-use of course. I read that the recipe already reads that the quest is obsolete, perhaps just emphasize that somewhat. Tough call, you decide.
The only reason I asked was that I see some editors (not you really) forget to follow all references through when making obsolete stuff. But of course, there may always be these odd balls.
On another note, you are doing a superb job in so many things. Great job, I like it! -- Zimoon (talk) 04:38, 31 October 2012 (EDT)
Thanks, I wish I could do more, ideas are popping but can't be done right away unfortunately, then some are forgotten... There will be more to put in the Obsolete category, again later! :) Keep up your updates too, nice work there! -- Goingbald (talk) 02:08, 1 November 2012 (EDT)

To get a listing of all level 85 Armour in the Lorebook:

To get a listing of all level 85 Armour in the Lorebook:

Note that level 85 Jewelry is missing from the Lorebook.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 02:34, 7 November 2012 (EST)

Ashpar's End

Hello, I noticed you added Item:Ashpar's End but this item isn't yet listed as a quest reward on the actual quest. Are you going to update that page as well? Thought I'd ask before I go checking my quest log too. :) -- Elinnea (talk) 15:08, 17 November 2012 (EST)

Oops, forgot that one, added, thanks for the catch! :) -- Goingbald (talk) 15:10, 17 November 2012 (EST)