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The User Interface (UI) refers to the game mechanic which allow the player to interact with the game environment.
This includes all of the windows, buttons, notifications, NPC dialogs and more that the player sees in-game.
  • The UI is extremely customizable. See the OPTIONS panel and click on User Interface.
  • The UI is also customizable though modifications such as Lua Plugins, which add features & functionality).
  • The player is also able to customizing the appearance of the interface via "Skins".
Custom UI pop-up
  • It is also possible to re-position elements of the User Interface by pressing CTRL-Backslash (Ctrl + \).
    • On a UK keyboard, use CTRL-hash (Ctrl + #)
    • You can find the key mapping for this on your keyboard under Key Mappings/Miscellaneous
  • Positioning information can be saved using the /ui layout <save | load> <filename> command. And can be reloaded on a different character if desired.

  • The entire UI as well as individual elements can be re-sized through the "Options -> User Interface" panel.
  • No macro functionality is available. It is unlikely to ever be added to the game. Macros are in violation of the Terms of Service TOS) and End User License Agreement (EULA) which every player agrees to accept when they install the game, and re-accept when expansions and updates are installed. Many players consider such third-party modifications to be akin to cheating due to the advantages they can give those who have them installed.
  • Quickslots can be defined which allow single keystroke execution of certain actions. However, Quickslots cannot be scripted to execute multiple actions.
  • Copies of the EULA and TOS are stored on your hard drive as part of every installation of LOTRO. They can be found under:
Program Files/Standingstonegames/The Lord of the Rings Online/ in the folder of your language -- de / en / fr.

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