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LOTRO Gaming Experience

I started playing LOTRO in the eary 2011. Although i heard of the game some time earlier, I did not try it at first - big mistake. I started playing on Withywindle. I also had several character on Snowbourne. After server merging I've moved all my characters to Laurelin.

Withywindle Experience

With the problems and advantages of small server i have had a wonderful experience there. Shortly after starting the game with my first character i was accepted into Czech Royal Knights kinship, which helped me a lot in my progress. We have a lot of playing time, especially in instances. I considered the kin as active raiders, we did almost every raid available in game on regural basis. My most favourite raid is The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu. At higher lvl cap i was able to solo or duo the instance. The peak came with RoI where we heavily raided ToO, OD, etc. As a kinship we were the first to manage ToO T2 Challenge full run - thus earning the Title Original Challenger of Saruman.

Laurelin Experience

Much bigger server than Withy. Enough players to PUG. Very active comunity.

Characters on Laurelin

Class Character Race Level Vocation
Champion-icon.png Joeso Man 115 Armsman
Minstrel-icon.png Johndawn Man 106 Tinker
Guardian-icon.png Galald Dwarf 101 Historian
Hunter-icon.png Vesnican Man 91 Explorer
Captain-icon.png Saelnyl Woman 54 Yeoman
Lore-master-icon.png Saernyl Woman 41 Woodsman
Warden-icon.png Wardnell Man 34 Armourer
Burglar-icon.png Autaloc Hobbit 26 Explorer