Thrymm Red-beard's Camp

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Thrymm Red-beard's Camp
Type: Landmark
Region: Wildermore
Area: Writhendowns
Location: [33.3S, 58.1W]
Thrymm Red-beard's Camp.jpg


Thrymm Red-beard's Camp is a landmark within the Writhendowns in Wildermore. [33.3S, 58.1W]

A camp of rugged but friendly-looking warriors, with one man standing out from the rest.



Wildermore Quests

Category: Wildermore Quests

Only two quests are in this category the vector quests from Harwick to Wildermore.

Once complete the rest of the quests are "sequenced." That is to say, you must complete certain other quests before you will be offered a particular quest.

At the completion all quests in Wildermore is the capstone quest:

Writhendowns Quests

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