The Defender of the Free

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The Defender of the Free Overview.jpg


The Defender of the Free (Blue line) is a Guardian Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Keen Blade and the Fighter of Shadow.

The Defender of the Free
Uses mitigations and defence to protect allies.
The true Tanking build, using both AoE and single-target taunts. The primary focus is protection and survival.
Skills Earned:
Shield-taunt-icon.png Shield-taunt
Litany of Defiance-icon.png Litany of Defiance
Your shield skills have a 25% chance to apply a fortification effect that will increase your mitigations by 1%. This effect may stack up to five times.


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Defender of the Free (blue) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Shield-taunt-icon.png Shield-taunt Taunt 10s 10.2m Set: Initial Skill
Litany of Defiance-icon.png Litany of Defiance Buff + Debuff 1m30s 7.2m Set: Initial Skill
Shield Wall-icon.png Shield Wall Buff 20s 35m Set: Shield Wall (Trait)-icon.png Shield Wall
Guardian's Pledge (Trait)-icon.png Guardian's Pledge Buff 3m Self Trait: Guardian's Pledge (Trait)-icon.png Guardian's Pledge
Shield-smash-icon.png Shield-smash Melee + Stun 5s 5.2m Trait: Shield-smash (Trait)-icon.png Shield-smash
Smashing Stab (Trait)-icon.png Smashing Stab Melee + Fellowship Manoeuvre 30s 5.2m Trait: Smashing Stab (Trait)-icon.png Smashing Stab
Juggernaut-icon.png Juggernaut Melee + Buff 3m Self Trait Juggernaut-icon.png Juggernaut

Set Bonuses

Set Traits Description Source
Guardian's Defence-icon.png Guardian's Defence Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Adaptability-icon.png Adaptability Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Shield Wall (Trait)-icon.png Shield Wall Gain skill Shield Wall Set: 15+ total ranks
Challenge the Darkness-icon.png Challenge the Darkness Improves skill Challenge Set: 20+ total ranks
Strengthen the Bulwark (Trait)-icon.png Strengthen the Bulwark Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Bolstering Blocks-icon.png Bolstering Blocks Self-heal Set: 30+ total ranks
Shield the People (Trait)-icon.png Shield the People Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Relentless Assault-icon.png Relentless Assault Improves skill Sting Trait: 0+ ranks
Tireless Defender-icon.png Tireless Defender Improves skill Guardian's Ward Trait: 0+ ranks
Defensive Expertise-icon.png Defensive Expertise Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Guardian's Pledge (Trait)-icon.png Guardian's Pledge Gain skill Guardian's Pledge Trait: 5+ ranks
Guardian's Ward Tactics-icon.png Guardian's Ward: Tactics Improves skill Guardian's Ward Trait: 5+ ranks
Shield-smash (Trait)-icon.png Shield-smash Gain skill Shield-smash Trait: 10+ ranks
Reversal (Guardian)-icon.png Reversal Improves skill Turn the Tables Trait: 10+ ranks
Bellow (Trait)-icon.png Bellow Improves skills Challenge and Fray the Edge Trait: 10+ ranks
Follow Through-icon.png Follow Through Improves skill Shield-smash Trait: 15+ ranks, Shield-smash (1)
Smashing Stab (Trait)-icon.png Smashing Stab Gain skill Smashing Stab Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Shield Spikes-icon.png Improved Shield Spikes Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Disorientation-icon.png Disorientation Improves skills Shield-smash and Shield-blow Trait: 20+ ranks
Warrior's Fortitude (Defender)-icon.png Warrior's Fortitude Improves skill Warrior's Heart Trait: 25+ ranks
Stoic (Trait)-icon.png Stoic Improves skill Warrior's Heart Trait: 25+ ranks
Juggernaut-icon.png Juggernaut Gain skill Juggernaut Trait: 30+ ranks
Break Ranks-icon.png Break Ranks Improves skill Shield-taunt Trait: 30+ ranks