The Carrock

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The Carrock
Type: Island
Region: Vales of Anduin
Area: Beorning-lands
Location: [13.1N, 58.4W]
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The Carrock is a landmark within the Beorning-lands, in the Vales of Anduin. [13.1N, 58.4W]

It is a rocky island in the flowing Anduin river.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Carrock.


The following NPCs can be found within this landmark:


From The Carrock:
Destination Area Cost Prerequisites
The Vales of Anduin
The Eyrie Wolf-denes 75 Silver  Min. Level: 90
Wells of Langflood
Lyndelby (Swift) Misthallow 130 Silver  Min. Level: 115 and completed Welcome to Lyndelby

From The Eyrie:

Destination Area Cost Prerequisites
The Carrock Beorning-lands 75 Silver  Min. Level: 90


The Carrock was a stony eyot (a large rock) situated to the north of the old ford [1] of the River Anduin, in the Vales of Anduin. The river looped around the rock although there was a ford of stones to the eastern bank.

This ford was made of "huge flat stones" that "led to the grass-land beyond the stream". Gandalf told the Dwarves and Bilbo that "it is easy enough, as you remember, to get from this [eastern] bank to the Carrock by ford, but on the other side is a cliff standing up from a swirling channel." Gandalf could not cross the river there when he was following the track of Beorn.[2]

It is rumoured that the mysterious Beornings of the line of Beorn often visit this place. In fact, the Beorninghús lies directely to the east of the Carrock.

At the base of the Carrock was a little cave with adjacent steps that led to a flat space upon the top. The stairs had been built by Beorn who sometimes would be seen climbing to the top in the form of a bear to look at the Moon or the Misty Mountains.

In Third Age 2941 Thorin and Company were placed on the summit by the Eagles. They bathed and rested at the cave.

According to Bilbo's account of his journey, Radagast the Brown's home, Rhosgobel, was near the Carrock.[2]


Like Chetwood, the name Carrock appears to be a compound of two words of the same meaning: Old English carr, Welsh carreg "rock, stone" + English rock.[3]


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