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Image of Sterkist
Gender Male
Race Beorning
Region Vales of Anduin
Area Beorning-lands
Settlement Beorninghús
Map Ref [13.7N, 53.1W]


Sterkist is a Beorning of the line of mighty Beorn. He lives at Beorninghús with his sire Grimbeorn and others of his kin. He likes to daydream after his chores are finished, often watching the reflections of the clouds in the pond next to the house.

Beorning characters first encounter him during the Beorning intro instance at Grimbeorn's Lodge.

He can be found later at the Spire of Meeting in Rivendell Valley.

He also appears in Eryn Lasgalen.

Quest Involvement

Beorning specific

Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

Vales of Anduin


Sterkist is the brother of all beorning player characters. They share another sister, Langhár.


Sterkist at the Spire of Meeting in Rivendell