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  • 2.5m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • Strikes hard with the staff. If your pet is flanking the enemy, you will deal bonus damage.
  • ... Main-hand + bonus Damage
  • Cost: (Level × 1.5) Power
  • Cooldown: 3s

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Level: 1


When trailed in the Master of Nature's Fury tree, the trait Sword and Storm becomes available. It adds bonus lightning damage to the skill and stuns the foe (not more than once per minute).


The Lore-master's Staff Legacy Staff-strike Damage increases the damage of this skill by 15%.

Equipping four pieces of the Stone-reader's Armour makes this skill not remove a flank effect.

Tactical Information

Staff-strike is one of the few damaging skills that doesn't have an induction. The damage type it deals is dependent on the damage type of your staff. On a side note: fighting in melee range greatly increases the DPS of any player because of auto-attacks taking place. This is also advisable for Lore-masters, as long as the goal is to take the enemy down as soon as possible and the Lore-master doesn't take too much damage. Traiting Sword and Storm and Fend Them Off will stun the enemy (once in 60 seconds) and give you an avoidance and fire damage buff.