Rise of Isengard Deeds

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  • All deeds unlock at level 75.
  • All deeds are imbedded within their respective instances
  • Most of these deeds are imbedded as objectives within the various quests received within the instance.
  • Portions of these Quests appear in the Quest Log, while many of the Objectives show up as Deeds in the Deed Log.
  • Certain of these deeds are only available at the "Challenge" level of the Instance.

Rise of Isengard Deeds

Here are all the deeds available in the Rise of Isengard instances. Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Deeds (Categories)
Class: BeorningBurglarCaptainChampionGuardianHunterLore-masterMinstrelRune-keeperWarden

Race: BeorningDwarfElfHigh ElfHobbitRace of Man

Social: FishingSocialEventEpicReputation

Eriador: Bree-landShireEred LuinLone-landsNorth DownsTrollshawsMisty MountainsEvendimAngmarForochelEregionEnedwaithDunland

Rhovanion: LothlórienMoriaMirkwoodGreat RiverEastern RohanWildermoreWestern RohanEryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

Gondor: Western GondorCentral GondorEastern GondorOld AnórienFar AnórienMarch of the KingThe Wastes

The War: EttenmoorsOsgiliath    Skirmish: Skirmish InstancesSkirmish Lieutenants

Instances: Meta DeedsShadows of AngmarMines of MoriaScourge of Khazad-dûmTower of Dol GuldurIn Their AbsenceRise of IsengardThe Road to EreborAshes of OsgiliathThe Battle of Pelennor DeedsThe Plateau of Gorgoroth Instance Deeds

Mordor: The Plateau of Gorgoroth Udûn Deeds Dor Amarth Deeds Lhingris Deeds Agarnaith Deeds Talath Úrui Deeds