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Return Home-icon.png
 Return Home
  • Induction: 10s
  • Return to bound milestone:
  • Current home location - <milestone>
  • Requires: Novice
  • Cooldown: 1h

A typical bound milestone

After binding the Milestone of High King's Crossing [13.9S, 64.1W] to one of your 5 additional Milestones, this skill will become avaiable in the Select a Milestone panel.

Return to High King's Crossing-icon.png
 Return to High King's Crossing
  • Induction: 10s
  • Return to bound milestone:
  • X home location - High King's Crossing
  • Cooldown: 1h

Home location

Depending on which Milestone you bind, X can be the following:

  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth
  • Sixth

General Information

This skill is granted by the item Milestone Skill-icon.png Milestone Skill.


  • It is now possible to bind to more milestones by purchasing up to 5 additional milestone skills.
  • The cooldown can be lowered to 30m by purchasing the item Hurried Traveler.

Home Icon

The icon changes to reflect your current home location. For example: