Quest:Three Proofs

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Three Proofs
Level 106
Type Solo
Starts at Kurtil
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [41.5S, 5.7E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Udûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Long is the tale to tell, but short is the time. Do you remember that the Captain of the Pit does not hear the signal flags' speech? He is the master of all Udûn, but many do not wish it so.

'When the ground shook and the gates fell and the eagles crossed the skies, a light dawned upon our minds - that we might fly ourselves. Fly like the eagles and in Udûn dwell no more. But how? And then we remember the Easterlings camped in Rhûd Vorn. Perhaps, we thought, perhaps we might go back with them, to the lands far from Captains and cruel Gondorians and Elves.

'And so in flags was it written and in flags was it read by you and me and by others. Ushkbál the goodly overseer agreed to go before the Easterlings and plead our case. Now Ushkbál is gone and our hope rests on you, Dwarf-Hunter. We ask you to go in Ushkbál's place and parley with the Easterlings. Only to meet! To speak awhile of what may be.

'Stand before Rhûd Vorn high on the height and hail them with the words that I will teach you.

Kurtil teaches you a formal military hail in the Easterling tongue.

'If fortune smiles upon us, they will agree.'


You have agreed to petition the Easterlings for a meeting with the Forgeworkers, so that they may beg safe passage out of Udûn.

Objective 1

  • Hail the Easterlings before Rhûd Vorn

You should hail the Easterlings as Kurtil taught you before their camp, Rhûd Vorn, on the northern slopes of Udûn.

This is a good spot to hail the Easterlings

Objective 2

  • Talk to the Easterling Lord

You should talk to the Easterling Lord who responded to your hailing, outside Rhûd Vorn, on the northern slopes of Udûn.

You begin to explain the case of the Forgeworkers, but he quickly interrupts you.
'You speak as if the Eye was fallen. You speak as if the Cause was lost. This is not so bnd cannot be. How cound it be, for the Black Gate still stnds and the great banner still waves like a lone wing above the parade grounds. Why, only this morning I sent an Orc with a letter to the Balack Word's commissary in Maudhúl Vôr. A sure as the ground I stand on, it has been delivered and needed provisions are on t heir way.'
When you do not back down, he stares hard at you.
'Folly! There is deceit afoot, if not by you, then by someone. I will send Yordam He will go with you so that the truth may be known to me. Go.'

Objective 3

  • Find the great banner
  • Find the letter
  • Bring Yordarm to the Black Gate

You should lead Yordam the Easterling to a view of the Black Gates, the Great Flag on the parade grounds, and seek the letter dispatched to Maudhúl Vôr.

If you get separated from Yordam, wind his horn to call him back to you.

The Great Banner lies torn and muddied on the ground
Yordam says, So it is. The great banner is fallen.
Yordam says, Yes, take a piece as proof of what we have seen.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Yordam

Now that you have found the fallen banner, the dead letter-bearer, and the Black Gates broken, you should talk to Yordam.

If you get separated from Yordam, wind his horn to call him back to you.

'I have seen the prrofs, though I hardly believed my ears. A <race> from the West has spoken the truth! I will return to Rhûd Vorn, as should you.

Objective 5

  • Return to Khôpol

Now that you have collected the proofs, you should return to Khôpol before Rhûd Vorn, on the northern slopes of Udûn.

Yordam says, We will meet back at Rhûd Vorn, Westerner.
'I see. So it is as you spoke.'
The Easterling Lord thinks for a moment.
'Yes, we will meet with these Forgeworkers and speak to them. You may carry them this pledge, <class>.'

Objective 6

  • Return to Kurtil

Having secured the pledge from the Easterling Lord Khôpol, you should return to Kurtil and the other Forgeworkers where they had been, on the height above Maudhúl Vôr.

'You are returned! And they have pledged their Word? Strong as Iron, an Easterling's pledge.
'See now who has also arrived. It is Gradrágh, another Overseer. He wants only some persuading.'