Quest:The Thane of Langhold

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The Thane of Langhold
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts with Thane Utred
Starts at Mead Hall of Langhold
Ends with Higbald
Ends at Langhold
End Region The Wold
Map Ref [36.3S, 53.5W]
Quest Group The North Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My wife, Cíllan, has a better temperament for welcoming guests to Langhold than I. I would sooner bid you to go find your own food, but my dear wife upholds the customs of Rohan. She has grace, despite agreeing to tolerate my bad behaviour for so many long years!

'Cíllan will give you the welcome you deserve as an honoured guest in our city, <name>.'


Utred, the Thane of Langhold, has invited you to eat and drink in his hall, a mark of welcome to guests of his city.

Objective 1

Cíllan, wife of the Thane, can be found in the Mead Hall of Langhold.

You should speak with Cíllan to receive a formal Rohirrim welcome.

Thane Utred: 'Don't look to me for any more welcome than "hello!" I am an abominably rude man. Find Cíllan -- go on, now.'
Cíllan: 'Ah, the traveller from Stangard! You must be weary from your long road. Do not mind my husband -- he is an unceremonious man, but he is a good Thane, and still strong.
'Come! Let us drink together, and share a meal. This custom is a pledge of honour from us that you will be safe from all harm in Langhold. It is a pledge on your part also: while here, you must respect our ways and cause no harm, and stir no trouble.
'Will you perform this gesture of goodwill?'
Cíllan bids you welcome on condition of your goodwill

Objective 2

  • Drink the mead of Langhold
  • Eat the bread of Langhold

You have been offered food and drink by the kind wife of Thane Utred.

You should pledge your goodwill to the folk of Langhold by partaking of their mead and bread.

Cíllan says, "Please accept our hospitality, friend of the Mark."
You have tasted mead from the table of the Thane
You have broken bread at the table of the Thane

Objective 3

  • Bow to Cíllan to thank her for her hospitality

Cíllan stands in the Mead Hall of Langhold.

You should bow to Cíllan to thank her for her kindness and her greeting.

Cíllan accepts your gesture graciously
Cíllan says, "I bid you welcome, friend of Langhold!"

Objective 4

  • Return to Thane Utred

Thane Utred is in the Mead Hall of Langhold.

You should return to the Thane now that you have received the proper welcome of his house.

Thane Utred: 'You have my wife's approval, eh? Do you? Good, good. She is a gentle soul, and she loves the old customs. I suppose there is no harm in them, especially if they make our guests behave themselves while they stay here.
'Now, you are free to roam about and do as you please. Do not let me keep you.'
Utred bids you to leave and find your own manner of entertainment in town

Objective 5

  • Now that you are a guest, find a task or errand in Langhold

Now that you have received the welcome of Thane Utred, you should venture out into Langhold to find something to do.

Surely some of the townsfolk or guards could use some help from a seasoned traveller such as yourself.

Higbald: 'Ah, the traveller from the western-lands. Welcome -- I am a city guardsman, but I am a little busy at the moment….'