Quest:Task: Large Wings

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Task: Large Wings
Type Solo
Starts with Tasks Bulletin Board
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

[22] Wanted: Large wings from the gore-crows watching the roads to the east. The vile crebain are enemies of the Eglain, and if you deliver the wings to me, Gadaric Munce, at the Forsaken Inn, and you will earn our favour.

[26] Wanted: Large wings from the birds to the north and west of Esteldín. Deliver the items to Ferrif within Esteldín.

[26] Wanted: Large wings from the henrevail found throughout the northern North Downs. Deliver the items to Birgir Listmaster at Othrikar.


[22] Gadaric Munce of the Eglain offers favour with his people if one can collect large wings from the local crebain.

[26] Ferrif, a Ranger, has asked for a collection of large wings to be delivered to him at the Ranger's home at Esteldín

[26] Birgir Listmaker, one of the miners at Othrikar in the northern reaches of the North Downs, awaits the delivery of large wings.


You accepted a task to acquire large wings for Gadaric Munce. The wings can be taken from the gore-crows which flock along the road east, beneath the shadow of Weathertop. You can find Gadaric within The Forsaken Inn.

You have accepted a task to collect large wings from the birds in the area surrounding Esteldín to the north and west. Once collected, you are to deliver the items to Ferrif within Esteldín.

You are on a task to deliver large wings from hendrevail in the North Downs to Birgir Listmaker at Othrikar. Othrikar is north of Esteldín in the North Downs.