Quest:Orders from Beyond the Gate

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Orders from Beyond the Gate
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Towers of the Teeth
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [36.0S, 1.3W]
Ends with Thurindol
Ends at the Slag-hills
End Region The Wastes
Map Ref [34.4S, 3.5W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: The Slag-hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You have intercepted some orders from Mordor. If there are any more like it, no good can come of their delivery.


There are some enemies bearing orders from Mordor within the Tower of the Teeth.

Objective 1

  • Collect Orders from Uruks or Black Númenóreans (0/6)

The Towers of the Teeth are located in the Slag-hills.

You should intercept more orders from Uruks and Black Númenóreans within the Towers of the Teeth.

Collected Orders (6/6)

Objective 2

Thurindol can be found at a small Ranger outpost hidden in the Slag-hills.

You should show the orders to Thurindol.

Thurindol: You hand Thurindol the orders.
'More orders from Mordor? I see. While I cannot read the Black Speech, it is easy enough to see where they come from. Behind the towering Gates, that is where!
'We must do what we can, and not abandon hope. If we do, we fail Aragorn and the last hopes of the Free Peoples.'