Quest:Mission: The Further Adventures of Elladan & Elrohir, Chapter 4

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Mission: The Further Adventures of Elladan & Elrohir, Chapter 4
Level Scaling
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Elrohir
Starts at Echad Andestel
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [14.1S, 73.0W]
Ends with Elrohir
Ends at Nimrodel
End Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [16.8S, 73.9W]
Quest Group Mission: Further Adventures
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Keep your wits about you.'

 Twist: Reinforcements

'The uneventful trip through the Dimrill Dale does not seem to shake the twins' apprehension, nor does the sight of the river Nimrodel.'


According to the Galadhrim, Lothlórien has been peaceful. Regardless, Gwaihir's news of the wolf presence along the Anduin occupies your minds.

Objective 1

You should talk to Elrohir

Elrohir: 'Did you hear that? Elrohir exchanges a look with you and Elladan.
Then you hear growls coming from somewhere up ahead.
Elrohir narrows his eyes. 'Approach quietly.'

Objective 2

  • Find the source of the growling

Elrohir has noticed growling coming from somewhere down the road.

You should find the source.

Elladan says, "A bear cub!"
Elrohir says, "We must help it!"
  • Defeat the wolves

You have discovered wolves surrounding a bear cub.

You should defeat the wolves.

Objective 3

You should talk to Elladan

Elladan: 'It seems Elrohir's suspicions about the wolves were correct.'
'Elladan's gaze falls upon the bear cub, which stares at your group warily.
'This little one must have gotten separated from its mother. Shall we help it return to her?' He smiles gently.

Objective 4

  • Follow the bear cub

The bear cub must have gotten separated from its mother.

You should follow the cub and help reunite it with its mother.

Elladan says, "Oh, it's already leaving. I suppose it tired of us standing around."
Elrohir says, "If the cub fled from its mother, she must have also been in danger."
Elrohir says, "I hope we aren't too late to help her."
Elladan says, "Have faith, Elrohir."
Elladan says, "What's wrong, little one?"
Elrohir says, "Wait."
Elrohir says, "Wolves!"
Elrohir says, "The cub must have better hearing than we do!"
Elladan says, "Tis fortunate -- I doubt that was the last of them."
Elrohir says, "Ready yourselves!"
Elladan says, "There's the mother! Her injuries are not serious."
Elladan says, "But what is a Warg doing here? Are the wolves following it?"
Elrohir says, "These are ill omens..."
Elrohir says, "We'll follow your lead, <name>."

Objective 5

  • Defeat the Warg and the wolves

You have found the cub's mother surrounded by wolves and a Warg.

You should help the bear and defeat them.

Dusk Warg says, "No... no!"
Dusk Warg says, "I didn't leave Shathur-munzu to fall to the likes of you...!"
Elrohir says, "Shathur-munzu..."
Elladan says, "If we never hear that name again, it will be too soon."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Elrohir

Elrohir wishes to explain the situation to you.

You should talk to him.

Elrohir: 'Shathur-munzu is a dwarf-ruin to the north, in the Vales of Anduin. Its history is not a happy one, but my brother and I have our own reasons for loathing the place. We... found our mother there, tortured by the Orcs. Even after our father healed her wounds she could no longer bear to continue living in Middle-earth. The hurt had gone too deep. So she sailed West, to the Undying Lands.'
'The thought often crosses my mind -- in the end will I sail and reunite with her? Or shall I remain in Middle-earth and never see her again?'
'...Forgive me. I did not mean to discuss such dark matters. If that Warg came from the Vales, then its brethren may be haunting the northern reaches of Lothlórien. We ought to continue towards Caras Galadhon. Once we gather more information there, we can decide on what to do next.'
For a moment, the twins linger to watch the bear cub and its mother. Elrhohir breaks the silence first.
'Shall we?'
Elrohir: 'Onwards, then.'