Quest:Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Agarnaith

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Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Agarnaith
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Automatic Quest Bestowal
Starts at Paper Sheet 1 (quest)-icon.png Blood-stained Page
Start Region Agarnaith
Ends with Remote Quest Advance
Quest Chain Mordor: Agarnaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You've found a torn page of a tome, damp and blood-stained from the marshes. Perhaps you can find other pages around Agarnaith and complete the story.


Pages of a tome can be found scattered around Agarnaith. Perhaps you can complete the story if you find them all.

Objective 1

  • Collect Page 1
  • Collect Page 2
  • Collect Page 3
  • Collect Page 4
  • Collect Page 5
  • Collect Page 6
  • Collect Page 7
  • Collect Page 8
  • Collect Page 9
  • Collect Page 10
  • Collect Page 11
  • Collect Page 12
  • Collect Page 13
  • Collect Page 14
  • Collect Page 15
  • Collect Page 16

Blood-stained Pages can be found scattered around Agarnaith.

You should collect the pages to complete the story.

Objective 2

  • Completed


Remote Quest Advance: The story is complete. Lhaereth the Stained was responsible for the Great Plague, bidden by Sauron himself. From the text it is clear that Lhaereth's children are as loyal to her as she was to the Dark Lord. It is clear she poses a great threat to the Free Peoples.